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Fankit for civ1


Mar 26, 2002
Does anyone know where I can get one, because I want one for my website, as I am making a site for all civs and I can'y get anyyhing for it.
I do believe he means (and said ;)) "Fan"kit, something a game company releases for fans to make their own webpage, with screenshots, descriptions and other goodies.

But NO, I´m pretty sure there is no such thing around for Civ1. You might want to ask TF wether you can borrow something from this site, but there is nothing official.
There definitely is not one. I know because I've seen every civ 1 site ever made (literally) and there just aren't many of them and nothing in common really.

I have EVERYTHING, though... screenshots of every unit, wonder, improvement, terrain type... blah blah blah. I have the files that I used to build all the civ 1 stuff on this site. :) Just email me because I dont' come to this forum too often.

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