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Foxy Joan de Arc

To Die For?

  • Joan (French)

    Votes: 59 80.8%
  • Catherine (Russian)

    Votes: 4 5.5%
  • Elizabeth (English)

    Votes: 10 13.7%

  • Total voters
Right, for starters, Joan clearly looks best with her industrial age mop of hair and uniform. ;) She goes downhill a tad with her modern badly look.

Catherine should clearly look much better. :(

Liz is okay. I like the pale skin and the ginger hair. :p

In conclusion, Firaxis doesn't exploit upon it's single, sad, male strategy gamer as well as it could have. :p :p :D
and how could you remove Cleo from the poll entirely? - is blue eyeshadow so gauche? lol

Ooh I agree...as for the blueish.Well there is this poster,an advertisement for the game,four leaders are shown in black light, damn that looks cool,if anyone should see it somewhere put it up, and you´ll understand why I´d vote for Cleo. :cool:
thought she could use a few tips from cleo, like blue eyeliner

and stubble like Freidreck


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Oh My God

What is wrong with you people?!

Oh well, its not all bad, someone I know liked Teela the warrior goddess out of 'The Masters Of The Universe' cartoon series, and Lara Croft out of Tomb Raider Psx aint too bad either ;)
Listen Ren and Stimpy and anyone else out there who thinks we are ludicrous...

Men of today are retreating into the safe haven of the digital age:scan:

The Female AI is not only androgynous, user-flirty, and appearance-manipulatable:confused:

...but also female AI's have about another 100 years before they are smart enuff to discover feminism and realise weve been oppressing them for thousands of years:king: :ripper:

ooops....my woman's comin', gotta go...
ARGH! What's wrong with you people?! Have you COMPLETELY lost your minds?! :lol: :rotfl: How can you like Joan? She bares an uncanny resembleance to Shelly Long. Oh well. If she doesn't rule her empire well, at least she has a bar to fall back on where "everybody knows" her name. :p
None of the gals in Civ is anything as Attractive, even if Cathrine wants to think she is...
:lol: Damnit Ed that last post was funny!

Uhm... personally I think Joan looks like one of those women that dressed up like a boy to fight in the army. But hey, I'm not being judgemental.

Personally I think the Trade Advisor :queen: is the only interesting one...
Yeah but the trade advisor is a sour pussed cow-bag who can never be satisfied (see previous posts regarding her). The culture advisor is quite a tasty bird though, and she's always positive and smiling.
Elizabeth looks like a monster, :alien: but the domestic advisor is hot. Those adorable princess Leia ear-muffs! :love: :crazyeyes:
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