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Future tech


Jul 8, 2019
Glassworking/Glass should be either Ancient (Phoenician) or Classical (Roman) technology considering it was already a valuable trade good exported as far as China. Perfect for a manufactured good from worshops.
While, like @Zaarin said Buttress could represent the architectonic use of glassworking.


May 7, 2012
There are a lot of technologies that seem so simple that they are not in the game but had vast impact in real life like coopering and containerization.
Jan 10, 2019
To revise my earlier post slightly, I think that settling or establishing colonies on even the easiest Other Planets (moon, Mars, LaGrange sites, asteroids) should be Abstracted: perhaps as a massive Project that allows you to extract new resources from one such destination, but doesn't require you to actually 'play' on another surface/orbital platform, planet or moon. That keeps the game focused on Earth, which is complex enough for most of us, and can save the Interstellar Trip for an end game Victory Condition as the game franchise has done before.

And the Giant Death Robot is not a Futuristic as much as it is a Fantasy unit. All the trends in military technology of the last twenty years are leaning towards smaller, lighter, more mobile, stealthed applications. Making a Dreadnaught on land like the GDR will result in the same fate that befell the dreadnaughts of the Italian fleet in 1940, the US Pacific Fleet in 1941, and the HMS Prince of Wales and INS Yamato: sunk by enemy air power. The early lessons of the Ukraine 'special action' only reinforce this: there are just too many weapons that can take out anything they can find, so watch: for the next decade the major military advances will all be in the area of Not Being Found - stealth for drones, tanks, and infantry as well as ships and aircraft, and even more capabilities to take out enemy heavy weapons like artillery and tanks once identified. The reporters bark about Hypersonic Missiles, but the real Superweapon will be the stealthed Drone, that can search out enemy depots, HQs, tanks and artillery wile remaining immune to enemy weapons, and attack them without warning.
Among the 'cutting edge' technologies being developed or experimented with now are:
Nano-Technology - to effectively 'grow' products instead of fabricating them.
Genetic Engineering - of both plants and animals as well as bacteria
Artificial Intelligence - including autonomous military and civilian machinery/weapons
Micro-Swarm Drones - microscopic or near-microscopic machines deployed as swarms to accomplish attacks or surveillance: think manufactured beehive that can be given orders.
Fusion Power - which may soon be Present Tech instead of Future Tech
Neuro-Implants - 'Cyborgizing' people with computer interfaces and other electronics implanted directly into them

Just finished watching a game-cast movie of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. the game did mentions two different weapons of different sprectrum.
1. Small cyborg. and this included protagonist (Raiden 'pronounced Rai-deng', a Japanese term means Lightning Thunder), as well as his enemy combatants.
2. The Metal Gear. an in-universe term referring to heavy mechas similiar to GDR.
And even 'Cyborg' of some kind also have a kind of powered armor, and this included Raiden himself with sleek design one.
While swordsmanships (Particuarly Samurai Swordsmanships) is a pure fantasy to fit with developer's intention to compete in Hack and Slash market (and also production studio works with Platina Games which also made itself famous as developer of Hack and Slash games.) a final boss fight begins with a small man (Raiden) had to destroy a giant mecha.
The first stage of a fight ended with protagonist destroyed the very bot and forced a pilot into a man to man fight.
The final 'Hitech' unit should not be GDR. but instead heavily augmented footmen that one man has a capability of an entire company :p this video proves this despite being very superficial.
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