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Jul 18, 2022
:wavey: If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you will probably want to play this scenario. :c5war::c5war::c5war:

I do not want to make spoilers, so there is no map or minimap in the post, but you know more or less how the world of GOT looksalike.
Please dont spoiler of the scenario posting screenshots on the first page of the thread. / don't spoil the fun of exploring the CIV GOT map
This is all I can show (my save from checking game ver.2.0):


Keep in mind the fact that all these maps on the internet are basically a fantasy about the appearance of the GOT world. The dimensions and, above all shapes of the continents are basically invented.
Therefore, although I tried to reflect the GOT world, but it does not have to agree with what you saw in a picture (but mostly is similar).
My first goal was to create a playable map (i.e. giving the player a chance to build nice, big city) and I think I even went too far in this aspect.
In creating the world, I was based, of course, partly on maps, but also on the description from the website:

The land terrain in the game is very large.
You start with the Stark (Northman) nation in 3980 BC

The enemies are 6+ barbarians.
The game is of course set to the highest difficulty level (emperor)
so I advise you to use the version of the civilization without "bonuses" to dissatisfaction:
Be mentally ready for a very difficult game from the very beginning! And i think the farther on, the harder it will be.
The scenario is to expand the empire and not to defend predetermined cities (although some cities are already established.
Scenario is on CIV 1 DOS

The game itself, has numerous limitations, so I could not create as many nations or cities as I would like.
If I could, every bigger city / fortress would be built after entering "tribal houses" but it is not possible. So, unfortunately, most cities and locations will be where AI will set them up.

What else could be done and I can't?
Change colour of nation and Create graphics for representatives/leaders of: Stark, Lannister, Martell, Greyjoy, Stannis, Khal Drogo, Daenerys, Tyrell, Slavers masters, President people of free cities, Others.
// I spent more than 40 hours learning the JCivED program(learning from mistakes), accurately reflecting the GOT map, creating playable nations, testing game, checking the balance of power of the nation etc.

Much of the :clap: is due to @darkpanda for creating a program without which this scenario would not exist.
ps. Soon, he plans to create a second GOT scenario called "Navel of the world". Probably even harder than this. :thumbsup:

So good luck and have a nice game. Be strong. :strength:
Let us know if you played without cheating and how many times you had to start the game before you got the right strategy :cool:


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As I mentioned some towns / castles are already established.
It would not be very good if they were destroyed by AI before you reach them, so I update first post on save version 2.1, improved with more balanced nations and bonuses to defense or cities (especially capitals).
I also made corrections to the Westerlos map near Reach and Dorne and North
and I call @Blake00
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A Scenario for Civ I? Wooow! :crazyeye:

I was addicted to Civ I. But I have re-played a few years back... and found it boring... can't say I would prefer to play that over (for instance) Civ IV.
I look forward to checking this out and I'll definitely include it in my up and coming Civ1 followup video for the big video series! :)

This is first, easier scenario.
Now for several days I been testing second scenario GOT and I will say that I know where the threats are, so I dealt with them quite quickly but you will probably have a problem with your first game.
Maybe about a week I will post a 2nd scenario with changed gameplay and map.

Unfortunately, I see that although my scenario coincided with time with the series Game of Thrones House of the Dragon, the interest is basically none :-(
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Ahh cool.. it'll probably be a month still before I do the video so you've certainly got time if you're working on more! :)

Hmm well this old scenario creation sub forum doesn't get as much traffic so I might try a temporarily redirect in the main Civ1 forum to here so more visitors see it (EDIT: There, done! You'll now see a redirect in the main civ1 forum for the next month or 2!). And later after I do the video it should bring more people here too. But yes unfortunately things are pretty quite in the world of Civ1 these days.
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I was wondering.. Do you know the existence of any mod in which you can determine that in a one year some nation will receive a specific tech or units for free?
It would be nice to set that in a given year "Winter are coming" along with the army Others , i.e. barbarians.
No events at all in Civ 1, you'd have to get creative with what the normal game has to offer. One idea I had (completely untested) is that you could use the Barbarian unit upgrade as your "event".

Hack the tech tree so that no one can research the technology required to build one of the units that the barbarians upgrade to, then modify that unit to be an 'Other'.
A Scenario for Civ I? Wooow! :crazyeye:

I was addicted to Civ I. But I have re-played a few years back... and found it boring... can't say I would prefer to play that over (for instance) Civ IV.
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