1. GPR

    Game of Thrones scenario

    :wavey: If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you will probably want to play this scenario. :c5war::c5war::c5war: I do not want to make spoilers, so there is no map or minimap in the post, but you know more or less how the world of GOT looksalike. Please dont spoiler of the scenario posting...
  2. Blake00

    [Civ2] Civilization II - Game of Thrones Edition (Total Conversion Mod)

    Has anyone else here tried @MattDempsey 's Game of Thrones total conversion mod for Civ2?? It's utterly amazing!!! What's a bit strange is that Matt joined this site in Apr 2019.. posted one of the most amazing Civ2 total conversion mods ever made, updated it a few times and then left again a...
  3. MattDempsey

    Civilization II-Game of Thrones Edition 3.2

    Winter is Coming..... Zip file includes DLL, GIF, Sound and TXT files to turn Civilization II into a world built for Game of Thrones. Comes with a custom Known World XXL Map with starting positions for 14 different kingdoms and leaders from all throughout the Game of Thrones Realm. I hope...
  4. Scrum Lord

    Got Lakes (Various Worlds) Map Script 37.0

    Tired of playing the same old maps? Quench your thirst for exploration with the endless possibilities of this map script! Choose from 24 landmasses and dozens of other options, or go completely random and surprise yourself with millions of possible combinations! For more details on how this mod...
  5. L

    [GOT] map of the Sunset Kingdoms--Westeros 2017-06-19

    This is a custom map made as westeros in Game of Thrones&A Song Of Ice And Fire.The maps size is 96x126,you can have a new experience in Both Civilization VI and GOT. WARNING!!!This is a 10 players max map.DONT add more than10 players,or the game will CRASH!!! My steam workshop URL is...
  6. Kyriakos

    Is your city/place in Game of Thrones world-map? And which is it? ;)

    Well, glorious Thessalonike is, of course. It is Mantarys, home to demon-familiars and half-humans, and with the demon road (via Egnatia) going through it.
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