Game should evolve as it goes along, every game should feel different


Sep 25, 2022
I love the "barbarians can become city states" and "randomized tech tree" options they've added at the end of Civ VI.

And I'd love to see that built upon. Every game in Civ VII feeling different would be great. Seeing the world evolve as you go on, say by most barbarian clans becoming city states and having no city states at the beginning. So you start out with barbarians, then they evolve to city states, then if a civ is knocked out get this: A city state could evolve to be a full Civ, not only would this let Civ's be knocked out more while keeping the game interesting, it means the AI could knock other Civs out without worrying too much about ruining the game for the player.

Barbarians also need to change as time goes along. They exist in the real world even in today, ISIS and watnot, but they obviously become less powerful than in game. But if they capture a city, boom they're a city state right? Maybe a really aggressive one, City states should be able to be aggressive without necessarily being a full civ. North Korea is an example, it'll never amount to anything at this rate, but they're basically a barbarian city state.

Speaking of the game being a bit more dynamic, I'd love to see less of the tech tree feel like it's "necessary" to get every single playthrough, so more strategic use of it could come up. The Aztecs never invented the wheel (beyond toys), but they had giant pyramids and huge trade networks and stuff, straight into the classical era. Today plenty of country's don't have "technology X" that others do, certainly not everyone has nukes and nuclear projects are a major concern. If one country wants "Technology X" they can trade for it from another, just like today. Going through "Tides of History" and the latest season of ancient history shows just how specialized humans in early civilization were, people on archipelagos really did need an "early boat rush", etc.

Finally, speaking of evolving the game, I'd love to see multiple win conditions straight up open up and vanish as the game goes on. EG early win conditions being religion/conquest, but then religion vanishing as a win condition. The "science" victory has always required getting to the end, so it's not like it's unprecedented. But the "religion" victory" disappearing around the industrial era, then the conquest victory becoming almost unwinnable in the atomic era and vanishing in the "information" era, etc More stuff like that. While other win conditions show up, with economic victory only being possible starting in the industrial era and such. Imagine not getting to the victory condition you were going for in time and having to switch everything up mid game, that sounds legitimately interesting. Way more interesting than the "I'm doing the same victory condition I'm already familiar with" time and again.
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