General tech info desired.


Feb 18, 2002

I am new to this game, not new to gaming in general.

Is there a web site summarizing my questions, or do I have to bother y'all.

What .CFG (ala Q2) or .INI files has the different player controls?

for example...

1. Can I change Resolution. I have a cool Radeon 8500 and see no likely issues with 1280x1024 or even 1600x.

2. can I change key settings? I'd like to use my side mouse buttons.

Can anybody give a veteran gamer a list of "must do" items to make the game run smoother or to understand custom keys and such? I am having no issues playing, but I know these tricks MUST exist. I want them.

Thanx in advance
sorry to waste your time.

Thoiught I reviewed, and there is a resolution thread a bit lower.

I will review readme again. Thanx Goatboy for pointing the other guy and me in right direction.,

Any general info would be appreciated, but obviously I missed something critical in readme.
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