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Sep 24, 2016

Welcome to the CivFanatics Sid Meier’s Civilization 1 forums! :) If you’re new to this website please make sure you’ve briefed yourself on the CFC posting rules (especially the ones on not posting abandonware links). Questions regarding these rules can be asked on the CFC site feedback forum. These are the games this section of the CFC forum supports...

Sid Meier’s Civilization I - DOS Original (CivDOS)
The Sid Meier Microprose classic that started it all! Typically the most played and owned version of Civilization 1 is the original DOS version, as it sold the most copies and many fans still prefer its graphics (despite the lower resolution) and it’s midi soundtrack.
CivDOS Cover.png CivDOS Cover2.png

Sid Meier’s Civilization I - Windows (CivWIN)
Microprose later remade Civilization 1 for Windows 3.1 with higher resolution assets and support for any windows resolution size allowing players to see more of the map. However it was originally not as popular due to its art styles/colours/graphics and significantly downgraded music & sounds. Thankfully in the years since fans have created DOS graphics and soundtrack overhaul mods for CivWIN fixing these issues, and its support for modern HD resolutions is quite useful (links below).
CivWIN Cover.png CivWIN Cover2.png

Sid Meier’s CivNET
The final main version of Civilization 1 was a modified version of the CivWIN engine above with added multiplayer. While popular with 90s multiplayer enthusiasts it was not a huge hit with most other players due to its forced retirement game end (you couldn’t select to continue) and not offering many new features over the previous versions most of us already owned. The CivFanatics were ready for a sequel! ;) Thankfully in the years since fans have also created a DOS graphics mod for CivNET and a Widescreen patch for modern resolution support too (links below).
CivNET Cover.png CivNET Cover2.png

Sid Meier’s Civilization I - Ports
Civilization 1 was ported to many other home computer systems such as the Amiga, PC-98, Atari ST, & Macintosh with various GUI changes and graphical modifications. The game was also ported to several consoles such as the Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn & Sony Playstation which interestingly contained completely overhauled graphics and GUI. CFC member Tupi is even working on an unofficial Civ1 port to SEGA Genesis/MegaDrive (links below).
CivSNES Cover.png CivSNES Cover2.png CivPS1 Cover.png CivPS1 Cover2.png

Many people visit CivFanatics for different reasons so here’s some useful information & links below for each and every one of you! :)


I want to talk about Civ 1:
I want to buy/download & play Civ 1:
I want to play Civ 1 scenarios & maps:
I want to create Civ 1 scenarios & maps:
  • Scenario forum - See what others are creating and post your creations here.
  • Map creation tools:
    • JCivED Editor - DarkPanda’s Editor is the most advanced map and game editor/creator for CivDOS and CivWIN ever made!
    • CivCracker CivWIN Editor - MountainMn10’s Editor is an excellent runner up for CivWIN players.
    • Terraform Editor - Dack’s CivDOS map editor is an old favourite however you must request an access key.
I want to play Civ 1 multiplayer games:
I want to heavily mod Civ 1’s appearance and behaviour:
I want to play or create a modernized fan remake/rebuild/disassembly/port clone of Civ1:
I want to watch videos of Civ 1:
  • CFC Civ1 Videos Area - The CivFanatics videos media area where you can post Civ1 videos.
  • Blake’s Civ1 Video Series - Blake’s Civ1 in HD tour series showcasing some of the best mods & scenarios from CivFanatics.
  • If you wish to be added to this list please apply below with a playlist link. You will need at least 3 Civ1 videos in the playlist to prove that you’re a regular Civ1 creator. Permanent videos only please, so no streams sorry.
Other Civ1 links of interest:


If you feel there is an important Civ1 related resource missing from this list please comment below.
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This is probably as good a place as any to ask, what's the most comprehensive wiki for Civ1 data? I'd really like to contribute more of the data I've collated from.vatious sources (including so much from this forum) into one place, but didn't know if there was an existing, preferred central place for wiki style info...
For what it's worth, on JCivEd wiki page at sourceforge I have gathered a bunch of links to posts from this forum, which contain reference data mining and reverse engineering of CivDOS routines and bug analysis:

Not updated for several months so most recent findings are not there (mostly recent @tupi work).

Also lots of links to my own posts so I don't spend time looking them up in the forums :p

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