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GOTM 181 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Ali Ardavan, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    This is perhaps more relevant to what you are looking for: See my post in the GOTM Techniques, Cheats, Rules & Discussion Thread:
    To finish or not to finish
  2. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    Thanks Ali.You told me in GOTM161 Spoiler about score and turns,but no attention..
  3. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    Next part of my log. Expansion was pretty good, everything is getting into place for our conquest.

    (Chinese elephant approaches, sign peace (???), update maps)
    +20 Mono->WC;
    40 Aldeigjuborg founded (island 24), Portland founded; Construction from Hawaiian hut, Get WC from Sioux
    60 Research Feudalism; King Cove founded; Sign peace with Aztecs, demand tribute, get 50g
    80 Nomads in Indochina
    100 Yukon River founded
    140 Los Angeles founded
    180 Da Nang founded; Chariot kills barb legion on van Isle and vet
    200 Moscow builds HG
    220 50g from hut in India
    (Aztecs offer 50g for alliance against Sioux, we deny)
    240 Kunming founded; 4 turns until Michelangelo, 2 turns until Sun Tzu
    260 Feud.->Chivalry; Edmonton, Hawaii North founded; Args, forgot to use the warrior slot one last time...
    280 Honkong founded; 50g from hut, math from hut
    300 Sun Tzu built in New Zealand, now they will build the australian Invasion force, three ships with 6 vet crusaders; update Japanese map to find their 4th city (Corea), meet russian warrior and update their map, they have been quite busy; 50g from hut; Hawaii South, Hunang founded
    320 Nagano, Real Shanghai founded; Medicine from hut
    340 Michelangelo built, finally!!! Kamtschatka, Wladiwostok founded; Nomads in southern Himalaya, will head north towards Russia and found a city there
    (China and Russia sign peace)
    360 1st delivery to China for 208g; 8 barb horses in Canada! Honolulu founded, other Honolulu renamed to Molokai
    (Barbs kill our horse)
    380 Crusader from Kamtschatka-hut
    400 Crusader from other Kamtschatka-hut
    420 Hanoi, New Caledonia founded; 50g from hut
    440 Chivalry->Banking; Montana founded
    460 Delivery to Japan for 328
    480 Delivey for 352; 6 crusaders on their way to Australia, 7 are in China to me moved into position next turn, 4 on their way to Japan, 5 in America, still far away from attack positions; get Banking from England, update maps, update chinese map
    500 Discover Theology->Bridge building; Advanced Tribe (Nerjungi), Anchorage, Pelly Crossing founded

    Stats at 500AD:
    pop.: 2.98M; Cities: 45; techs: 26; gold: 869; Gov.: Mon; wonders: Pyr, LH, MPE, Sun Tzu, Michelangelo; TR: 0D/3F
    units: 11 settler, 28 warrior, 2 phalanx, 12 pikemen, 1 chariot, 3 horse, 30 crusader, 13 boat, 3 dip, 0 van
    Goals: Start conquest, England next turn, China and Japan soon after, Sioux will need some more preparation, Aztecs when Sioux are under control, Russia will take a while to get there
  4. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    The main theme of this era was the wonder race. I did well with the ancient wonders but then lack of shields tremendously slowed my progress towards medieval wonders. I had to sacrifice science to have the funds available for rushing vans. The science rate averaged around 10% for all of this period.

    The second theme of this era was putting up defense. On 3 occasions my enemies walked into an empty city on a tiny island. I bribed those back soon after. The first one was a big loss as it caused the loss of 3 units one of which was a warrior hut hunting in Himalayas. In the other two occasions the losses were not that big.

    I expected a theme of this era to be offensive warfare particularly with the English but I had to put those plans on hold. In the case of the English, I simply did not have the output to create a massive enough force to overcome Great Walls. In the case of Japanese, I decided to postpone because of the above two priorities.

    +0520 English build Great Wall; Russians abandon.
    +0540 English take defenseless Westness. A boat, my Asian hut-hunting warrior, and a diplomat are lost. This is a great loss. English take Navigation and Sioux get it from the Great Library. English start work on Copernicus. Senate hands cease fire to English. Maui founded on island 27.
    +0560 Japanese diplomat lands near Hedeby. Japanese steal Feudalism; I declare war. Sioux get Feudalism from the Great Library; it would have been great if they switched to Sun Tzu. Theory of Gravity -> Physics. Uppsala reaches size 12. Domestic wine for 122. English horseman spotted in Asia near Nepal.
    +0580 English horseman steps next to undefended Nepal and steps away. Copernicus built reluctantly; Sioux switch to Sun Tzu; English abandon. Gems to Osaka for 138. Lanai founded on island 26. Westness liberated for 2x77g. Got 23g, boat, and horseman; lost harbor in the process.
    +0600 Domestic coal for 142 establishes the third route of the science city.
    +0620 English horseman goes back to Nepal; Senate hands them peace. Kona founded on the main Hawaiian island (33).
    +0660 English declare war rather than move their horseman pestering around Nepal. None Legion kills English horseman. Domestic coal for 70.
    +0680 Gold to Kyoto for 282. Uppsala is size 13 and cannot celebrate without Shakespeare which is being built and will be ready in 3 turns.
    +0700 Japanese take Ravning Enge. Lost a crusader. Need to have a defender in all my islands. Japanese take Navigation as well. Physics -> Magnetism.
    +0720 Domestic Gems for 129 establishes the third route of the capital. Bhutan founded.
    +0740 Shakespeare built. Science city celebrates again. Sorong founded on island 39.
    +0760 English take Westness again. You would think I would have learned my lesson. Horseman lost. Harbor would likely be lost too. English take Republic. Gold to Japanese for 72. None crusader from north Himalayan hut.
    +0780 Caravel sinks Japanese trireme with a unit on board near Kyoto. Ravning Enge bribed back for 139g. Got 65g and elephant.
    +0800 Michelangelo finally built after much delay. Hides to Kyoto for 152. Silver to Chinese for 205.
    +0820 Sioux build Sun Tzu. Japanese switch to Magellan. Widespread celebrations. Jelling founded on island 28.
    +0840 50g from Asian hut. T7L3S0 to delay Magnetism and the loss of Lighthouse. Most of my boats are still triremes.
    +0860 Barbarian caravel shows up near Viborg which thankfully has a van on its only landing spot. Westness liberated for the second time for 81g. Got 25g, trireme, phalanx, and catapult; my harbor also survived. That is pretty good and much better than expected.
    +0880 Caravel sinks Japanese caravel with 2 units on board heading for Ravning Enge.
    +0900 English caravel by Odense which is both protected and has its landing spot filled. Magellan built. Japanese and English abandon. There is a second English caravel heading for New Zealand. Explorer runs into Russians who demand 300g and declare war.
    +0920 English turn back. Sioux switch to Republic. Hopefully this helps them get invention faster. Russian elephant kills my van about to deliver to Shanghai. T6L3S1
    +0940 Magnetism -> Atomic Theory. Domestic deliveries for 60, 93, 154. Aluetia founded on island 13. Atomic Theory from Russian hut.
    +0960 Chinese start Adam Smith. I have enough food vans ready but I am saving them for Leo. English horseman lands on forest near Auckland. -> Invention. Crusader kills 2 English horsemen and turns vet. None crusader from Russian hut.
    +0980 Sioux finally discover invention which they started researching in -25 and immediately start on Leo. Russians and Chinese reach peace. Japanese develop invention as well. This is good since if the Sioux do not exchange it with me, I will steal it from the Japanese. Uppsala reaches size 25 and is temporarily out of food. Physics -> Sioux -> Invention, maps. T3L3S4.
    +1000 -> Democracy. Taiwan founded. Frigate finds English caravel and sinks it with a unit on board. None crusader kills legion defending Sevastopol. Explorer walks in and takes the city for 28g. With Viborg having a pikeman defender fortified, I pulled back from the city's only tile allowing barbarian ship parked by Viborg for ages to disembark.

    Status at +1000
    Population: 10.3M; Cities: 33; Techs: 42; Government: Republic
    Gold: 29; Cost: 48; Trade routes: 18D14F;
    Ancient Wonders: Lighthouse, Hanging Gardens, Colossus
    Medieval Wonders: Marco, King Richard's, Shakespeare, Copernicus, Magellan, Michelangelo
    Units: 15 settlers (2 None), 3 Warriors, 1 Phalanx, 1 None Legion, 7 Pikemen, 1 elephant, 5 crusaders (2 None), 1 Knight, 1 Catapult, 7 Triremes, 3 Caravel, 1 Galleon, 1 Frigate, 3 diplomats, 12 vans, 1 explorer
    Goals: Leo (next turn), Democracy (next turn), Explosives, Metallurgy (to obsolete Great Wall), rapid food van production to grab Adam Smith before Chinese, further expansion in Asia, south east Asian archipelago, and Alaska. Bach and Newton. Conquest of English and Japanese.
    Foot print: 3 on 1 (Asia), 1 on each of 13, 16, 17, 19-24, 26-28, 32, 33, 35-39, 42, 45-48, 50; 2 on 18 (Philippines), 3 on 49 (New Zealand)
    Notes: English do not have Feudalism, Japanese do. They also started on Gunpowder right after getting invention in +980. I have several vans ready to deliver so should be able to push through techs quickly despite lack of a single science structure. Democracy is going to be a big help because of the wide expanse of the empire causing outlying cities to have corruption above 50%.
    Russian: 9 cities, 19 techs; war with me
    Japanese: 4 cities, 31 techs; war with me
    Aztec: Destroyed by Sioux
    Chinese: 6 cities, 34 techs; Pyramids;
    English: 7 cities, 20 techs; Great Wall; war with me
    Sioux: 13 cities, 36 techs; Great Library, Sun Tzu;
  5. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    Phew, I had the feeling my Michelangelo came online too late, since it usually does around 1 AD, but now I see I wasn't doing that bad after all. However it was more pressing for me since I skipped HG.

    On further notice, the CPU usage (as far as I can tell by the sound of the fan) goes up when I open Civ2 and google maps simultaneously (to find out the appropriate city names) just as far as Civ2 and the map editor. Same happens with some other ancient games, I might really need to get a new computer and keep the current one with XP just for civ2.
  6. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    You're not able to get Civ2 working with Windows 8 or Windows 10? I'm working on a Win7 machine and it's just fine. 64bit, so only MGE, but still. Surprising.
  7. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    I have 2 partitions,one with Windows 7,one with XP too for old games:).I need other partition with Windows98 for Panzer Commander:)).
  8. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    My HutFinder is not compatible with Win7,just with XP.You use this program in Win7 ?
  9. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    I don't, no.
  10. catalin72

    catalin72 Prince

    Oct 31, 2008
    Game submitted.
  11. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    The main theme of this era was conquest (I am playing for space victory).

    I dropped 9 units on the hills near London the turn before my discovery of Metallurgy made the great wall of English obsolete. I was hoping to take London and quickly go for York, the English capital, and other cities. London had a single Phalanx defender and was easily taken but then my senate immediately hands peace to English. My attempts at provoking English to break the peace were unsuccessful.

    As soon as Fundamentalism was discovered, I started a revolution and switched government. English were attacked right away and Japanese within a few turns. 4 turns later, with English and Japanese each down to 2 cities and no capitals, it was time to have another revolution and go back to democracy. I was amazed at how much I accomplished in just one Oedo cycle of Fundy. Well worth 2 revolutions.

    I expected peace to ensue afterwards, but Chinese stole a tech and Russians, having discovered my south Asian colonies are intent on sending units there. I even lost a city to them for 1 turn.

    +1010 Barbarian legion lands by Viborg and is killed by catapult. Leo built; Sioux switch to Adam Smith. Democracy -> Gunpowder. Sioux and Chinese ignore me. Others want bribes just to talk. Democracy established. Domestic deliveries for 150, 160, 105. Dhaka founded. Kaho founded on island 31. Three Russian units are approaching Sevastopol. Spent 120 to get a pikeman defending Sevastopol next turn. T3L3S4
    +1020 Russians bring 5 units near Sevastopol. Wide spread celebrations. Hilo founded as the second city on the main Hawaiian island. Lost none crusader attacking Russian legion, likely it is vet.
    +1030 Chinese develop Gunpowder. Russian elephant razes Sevastopol. Gunpowder -> Explosives. Domestic wine for 290. T0L3S7
    +1040 Japanese raze undefended Aluetia; harbor about to be finished this turn is lost. Japanese take Gunpowder. Explosives -> Metallurgy. Lindholm founded as the third city in Philippines. Jarrow founded on island 34. Domestic Spice for 312. T3L3S4
    +1050 Kohima founded south of Himalayas. Dropped 9 units on the hills near London.
    +1060 Metallurgy -> Leadership. The great wall of English is no longer. Single Phalanx defender of London killed and the city taken for 42g. Senate hands peace to English. English capital of York discovered. Silk to Chinese for 558. Skara founded on island 8.
    +1070 English withdraw troops; I wish they had not. Lunde founded on island 10.
    +1080 Sioux abandon Adam Smith?! Leadership -> Electricity. Silk to Chinese for 738. Japanese has built Kagoshima where Aluetia used to be. Kagoshima bribed for 155g and renamed Aluetia. Got 62g and catapult. Larne founded in North America east of Alaska. Holmgard founded on island 14. T4L3S3
    +1090 Electricity -> Conscription. Silk to Chinese for 720. Now I can see all English cities.
    +1100 Chinese abandon Adam Smith as well?! Sioux restart two turns after abandoning?! Conscription -> Tactics. Domestic deliveries for 225, 414. Silver to Chinese for 295. T3L3S4
    +1110 Russian elephant kills my wandering explorer. Tactics -> Fundamentalism. 50g from north American hut. Gold to Japanese for 126.
    +1120 Fundamentalism -> Amphibious Warfare. Saigon founded. 8 barbarians from hut surround my explorer. Domestic wine for 400. English keep refusing to be provoked into war. Revolution started. York attacked. Lost my cannon but my cavalry killed 3 defenders and captured the city for 62g, 2 structures, and obsolete Great Wall. English elephant killed.
    +1130 English kill a cavalry. Barbarians kill my explorer. Fundamentalism established. Kolkata founded. English legion killed. Nottingham bribed for 305g. Got 40g, 2 archers, and a settler. T6L4S0
    +1140 Aldeigjuborg founded on island 34. 2 defenders of Warwick killed and the city captured for 16g and marketplace. Salt and wine to English Hastings for 124, 205.
    +1150 Galleon survives English caravel. There is a Russian elephant visible north of Nepal. Thankfully the next tile is hills and I will be able to finish a fanatic and rush a diplomat nearby. Domestic beads for 264. Beads to Shanghai for 232. Anchorage and Hanoi founded. English catapult killed. Japanese Edo is protected by a single caravel which is easily killed and the city captured for 447g and marketplace. Japanese explorer killed.
    +1160 Amphibious warfare -> Refrigeration. Single archer defending Coventry killed and the city captured for 21g and marketplace. Domestic deliveries for 174, 205. Kyoto has city walls but only one archer for a defender; I expected at least one pikeman. Cavalry kills Kyoto's defender and the city is captured for 811g and 3 structures. Jamshidpur founded in central India. Russian elephant bribed for 138g. Barbarian Knight approaching Larne bribed for 82g. With English and Japanese each down to 2 cities and no capitals, it is time to go back to democracy. Revolution started.
    +1170 Cavalry kills musketeer in Osaka and turns vet. Another cavalry kills settler in Osaka. The city is then captured for 320g and marketplace. Japanese settler bribed for 264g to get a None. Single defender of Satsuma killed and the city captured for 112g. Japanese civilization destroyed. Hastings bribed for 232g. Got 47g, 2 soldiers, and aqueduct. Turned down English offer of 50g for cease fire. English settler, about to found a new city, killed. Democracy established. T3L3S4. Domestic deliveries for 220, 240. English settler bribed for 180.
    +1180 Refrigeration -> Steam Engine. Democracy -> Chinese -> Steam Engine. Barbarian knight killed.
    +1190 -> Railroad. Domestic delivery for 304. A wounded Russian elephant shows up near Nepal as before. Single defender of Canterbury killed and the city captured for 37g. English civilization destroyed.
    +1200 Chinese steal Amphibious warfare; I declare war. Railroad -> Industrialization. Adam Smith built; Sioux abandon. Former Russian elephant, now promoted to cavalry, kills approaching Russian elephant. T4L2S4
    +1210 Domestic delivery for 104. T2L2S6
    +1220 Chinese steal Tactics from Hanoi. Russians send yet another elephant to Nepal. I guess they have not learned from the fate of the previous two. Industrialization -> Corporation. 100g from Alaskan hut. Another Russian elephant spotted near undefended Kohima. There is no way I can save it this turn, but I can bribe it back next turn and its one supported unit is rehomed.
    +1230 Russians capture Kohima and take Gunpowder. Corporation -> Refining. Domestic deliveries for 352, 120, 254. Spice to Chinese for 216. Chinese diplomat approaching Satsuma killed. 6 barbarian knights from hut surround my Asian invasion force of 3 cavalry and 1 diplomat in Siberia. Two are bribed for 82g each and both are none. They each kill another knight leaving 2. Senate backs me up against Russians. Kohima bribed back for 88g. Got 39g and an elephant which kills yet another elephant approaching Kohima. 100g from hut. Industrialization -> Sioux -> maps. A loaded Sioux caravel is approaching mostly undefended Hawaiian islands.
    +1240 Chinese send another diplomat to Hanoi? Sioux caravel turns around. Both barbarian knights are killed attacking my cavalry and turn them vet. Refining -> Electronics. Bach built. Domestic deliveries for 120, 84, 325. 100g from hut. T0L2S8
    +1250 Barbarian Frigate attacks one of my 1 tile islands and kills a van but does not take the city. Electronics -> Steel -> Machine Tools. Domestic deliveries for 186, 218, 146, 158. Deliveries to Chinese for 220, 560. 100g from hut. T2L2S6

    Status at +1250
    Population: 23.8M; Cities: 59; Techs: 60; Government: Democracy
    Gold: 342; Cost: 83; Trade routes: 87D13F;
    Ancient Wonders: Lighthouse, Hanging Gardens, Colossus, Great Wall
    Medieval Wonders: Marco, King Richard's, Shakespeare, Copernicus, Magellan, Michelangelo
    Industrial Wonders: Leo, Adam Smith, Bach
    Units: 25 enigineers (3 None), 3 fanatics, 18 Riflemen, 19 cavalry (3 None), 1 Canon, 13 Transports, 1 Frigate, 9 diplomats, 39 vans
    Goals: Newton (next turn), Cure, Hoover, SETI, further expansion in Asia, south east Asian archipelago, and Alaska. Conquest of Russia?
    Foot print: 9 on 1 (Asia), 7 on 43 (Australia), 3 on 4 (Japan), 2 on 2 (America), 3 on 18 (Philippines), 2 on 33 (Hawaii), 2 on 34, 1 on each of 8, 10, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19-24, 26-28, 31, 32, 35-39, 42, 45-48, 50; 3 on 49 (New Zealand)
    Notes: Need cure for celebrations. Cannot see a good number of Russian cities.
    Russian: 11 cities, 21 techs; war with me
    Japanese: Destroyed by me
    Aztec: Destroyed by Sioux
    Chinese: 8 cities, 40 techs; Pyramids; war with me
    English: Destroyed by me
    Sioux: 13 cities, 39 techs; Great Library, Sun Tzu;
  12. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    Finished and submitted. Pretty much everything went as planned, giant help for the Russians came from a nomad from a Himalayan hut that founded a city south of the Russian homeland where I quickly rushed an army. The job was almost done when the main army of crusaders arrived from China. I ended up with 109 cities eventually.
  13. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    I see by the logs that I was the only one who went Mapmaking first. I got Lighthouse in 1600BC, and sent out settlers right away - 4th city 1350. So I think the proper path is still unclear.

    I was going Green Star from the start. I had unbelievable hut luck throughout until an irrelevant bad result near the very end. Even so, I found the conquering less smooth than normal, and I am not sure whether I was able to beat the Major for the green.

    King Level, 6 AI.. Alph, BW, CB
    Restarts off: That means a conquest game after a long spaceship game in GOTM 180. Known world map.

    The hardest will be the Russians.

    Fastest to LH wins early game. Two Paths:
    CoL, size 1 settler Monarchy 3250, MM about 2800, (make 2 more cities), Curr, Trade.
    CoL, size 1 settler MM, (make 2 more cities) Curr, Mon about 2450, Trade
    I like the extra production. Monarchy is not needed super early.
    When LH comes, want 2 triremes and 4 settlers.
    For LH need 2 vans and 14 turns of 6-shield output – better 4 vans and an extra boat.
    Tonga: Size 1 Settler, Boat, settler, boat, vans
    Cook: settler, settler, van
    Samoa: boat, settler, van

    4000 Tonga Founded. Clearing Forest to increase arrows.
    3950 res CoL. (1/10)
    3800 Irrigation finished. Science now 5 turns.
    3650* CoL => MM
    3400 size 1 settler.
    3350 Tonga size 2. MM: 12/19. Working grass to build boat faster.
    3300 Forest finished. 5 shields now. RB first row.
    3250* RB 2nd row.
    3200 Maps => Curr
    3050* trireme finished. Move 2 square so as not to capsize.
    Tonga will make another settler, then another trireme. Once Trade comes, two vans for LH.
    3000 unload settler at Cook Islands

    2950 Cook Island founded. Unload at Samoa
    Cook is kind of slow – settler/van
    2900 Samoa. Curr 14/27)
    2850* set Samoa to food. Samoa: Settler, van.
    2800 Curr => Mon (0/36) want 7 turns – set to production.
    2450* Monarchy => Trade. (0/50) Revolt: gov: Monarchy
    2300 2 settlers mining and roading in Samoa
    2250* second Trireme..
    2200 Switch Science to 40. Need gold until LH.
    2150 Trade => Writing (0/60) set workers for city growth.
    switch Tonga to van, planning to rush quickly.

    Trade => LH

    Status 2000BC:
    3C, 25g. 2 Sett.
    8 Tech res Wri. (16/60) Science at 40% - 6 beakers/turn.
    2 triremes. Building vans

    1950 Tonga first van
    1900 Forest on Samoa finished. RB Cook Isle, Tonga.
    1850* Science to 50. start precharging settlers
    1750 Samoa and Cook vans to Tonga.
    1700 Tax to 40
    1650*. Writing. =>HB. vans delivered for LH
    1600. LH built. 2 Settlers heading for Hanoi
  14. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    Conquest Plan at 1600BC:
    Australia – from NZ. 4 Elephants or Crooks
    Japanese – after Mono – 4 Crooks.
    Chinese – settle Hanoi, build 4 cities, and conquer Chinese from there.
    Russians: conquer with leftovers from China
    Sioux: Beachhead in Seattle, defend for a while, conquer a nearby city. If they expand north maybe Alaska is the way to go
    Aztec: There’s a settle site in Baja, and 4 crooks ought to take care of the Southern portion. Most of them will come from Hawaii. Roll from there.

    Hawaii: I can build 10 cities. Probably only need 8. Unclear whether it is faster to build MC with 8 Hawaiian vans or in Australia after the conquest. Hawaii also has to supply American invasion force.

    Home Islands: LH ASAP. Because of corruption, Tonga needs to be the Science center. HG in Tonga. Lib. MP, Temple in Tonga and Samoa. Trade with Japanese, Chinese, or English. This should make Mono faster.

    Hoping for Mono about 800bc.

    1550. unload on Carolines.
    1500 Irrigating Carolines.
    1400 2 Settlers leave for Hawaii. Carolines ready to settle. Leave I settler there. This will slow my Chinese invasion but give an extra trireme production center.
    1350 Carolines (4) founded. Science to 70
    1250* HB => Poly Hut: Philippines (5)
    1200 Support trireme and settler from Philippines.

    1100 Aztecs Destroyed by Sioux. Wow. New plan. Must do Alaska to prevent expansion. Land on Oahu. See hut. Tonga Van sent to Beijing
    1050* Oahu Hut: Nomads. Settle Hawaii or move to America? Alaska. Honolulu (6) founded
    1000 Hut: Literacy. Land in China.
    Status 1000BC: 6C, 3 Sett, gov: Monarchy.
    4 Warriors, 3 Trireme. 1 Van
    12 Techs, res Poly.

    975. Hanoi founded. 1 settler sails for Alaska. Tax to 50.
    950 Molokai founded.
    925* Poly => Myst.
    900 Tax to 70
    825* Homer founded. Chinese: Trade for Pottery. Peace, no maps or tribute. 2 Settlers head for New Zealand
    750 English start Colossus
    Status 750bc:
    9C, 2 Sett.
    7 Warr, 1 horse, 5 Trireme, 1 Van
    13 Techs, res Mysticism (next)

    Plan: get to Mono fast. Keep expanding in NZ, Hawaii., Alaska Keep making vans for Chinese trade.
    Goal for 500:
    Hawaii: 3C Alaska: 3C NZ: 3C and a Trireme. China: 3C
    Home: vans for China

    725* Sioux start Colossus. Myst => Rep. (no Phil – only Mas, WC, and Republic. Republic is always tradeable, and maybe we should have some turns in Rep before the wars…well, that didn't happen)
    675 Aukland founded
    650 Unload van near Beijing
    625* Tonga Beads to Beijing (d, 207)
    600 Republic => Phil. Christchurch founded.
    575 hut: Liuzhou
    550 Anchorage founded
    525* Lanai founded.
    500 Chinese Sneak Attack with warrior – Settler survives.

    Status: 500AD:
    14C, 2 Sett.
    7 Warr, 2 Phalanx (China), 1 Horse, 1 Boat, 3 Vans.
    15 Tech, res Phil (next?)

    How did I do?
    Mono - No, but it looks like next turn.
    Hawaii: 3C √
    Alaska: 3C - only 2C. Too much roading.
    NZ: 3C and a Trireme - only 2C, with builds coming
    Home: vans for China - Yes, and collecting 4 for MPE
    China: 3C - only 2 but 3 settlers in the area.

    Goal for 250bc:
    Mono, Seafaring; start wars in China and Australia.
    keep expanding Hawaii to 6 cities and 3 triremes
    Keep expanding Alaska to 4 core cities.
    NZ: 3C 2 Triremes, 4 Crooks. China: 5C, build Crooks.
    Home: vans for MPE

    475 Chinese: give Republic for Peace, troops withdraw. Hut: Delhi. (First red face in Samoa.
    450 Phil, Mono => Bank. (225 beakers) (no Seaf): Samoa Hides to Kyoto (d, 184)
  15. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    425* Banking => Seafaring
    400 Hut: 50g. Guangzhou (16)
    375 Kauai (17)
    350 deliver vans for MPE.
    325 Little Bighorn builds Colossus. Tonga builds MPE.
    Russians 318g, 6C - WC, Wheel building GL
    Japanese 373g, 3C - WC, IW
    Chinese 412g, 4C - WC, Wheel huilding HG
    English 238g, 5C - no extra tech – building GL 3x.
    Sioux 428g, 5C = Mas, Math, Wheel. (Colossus)

    I want Seafaring, in 2 turns, so no trading yet

    275 Seaf => Wheel Now have 2 crooks in China.
    Russians: get Wheel; peace, maps. Tribute 100g. (Thanks, Crooks!)
    Chinese: 75g.
    Japanese: get IW, maps.
    Sioux: peace, Mas, Math, get map. There are no cities between Tenochtitlan and the 4-city core.
    War should start immediately.

    250 Res Astro. Molucca. 2 Hawaiian crooks start for Tenochtitlan. 3 NZ Crooks to Australia. Chinese: 50g. Russians ignore threats.

    Status 250bc:
    18C, 4 Sett.
    14 Warrior, 2 Phaanx, 1 horse, 8 Crooks, 9 Trireme, 1 van
    23 techs res Astro

    How did I do?
    Mono, Seafaring √
    Hawaii: 6C - 4C, but sent 2 Crooks off.
    Alaska: 4C - 2C, but 2 settlers will found soon.
    NZ: 3C 2 Triremes, 4 Crooks - only 2C, 3 Crooks enroute in 2 boats.
    Home: vans for MPE - √, plus one trade van to Kyoto
    China: 5C, build Crooks - 3C, 2 Crooks, road network.

    Plan for 1AD
    Astro, Nav (Need Vans)
    Home: vans for trade and maybe Magellan.
    Hawaii: 8C, start Vans for MC or Leo
    Alaska: 4C, send 3 triremes ( 4 crooks, 2 Settlers) to Seattle. Explorer.
    NZ: Defence, 1 settler, 1 crook, 1 Dip, vans
    China: 5C, build Crooks.

    225* Hut; Astro. Chinese: 50g
    200 Researching Nav. Valdez. Hut: Crook (Anchorage) Hut: Indian Nomads. English: WAR. Capture London (40g). Chinese: 75g.
    175 Odisha founded. Chinese: 75g
    150 Hut: Construction. Chinese: 25g.
    125* Yakutat founded. Chinese: 25g. Nottingham (56g) Samoa Hides to Kyoto (d, 184)
    100 Russians: WAR. Sioux land near Kauai
    75 Russians: peace for 150g. Bribe Sioux Trireme near Kauai
    50. Hut: Crook (Yakutak)
    25* Chinese steal Astro. WAR! Navigation => Eng. Hut: Medicine. Shanghai captured, with Barracks

    Status: AD1
    28C, 3 Sett
    23 Warrior, 4 Phalanx, 1 Legion, 2 Horse, 12 Crooks, 4 Dip, 1 Explorer
    10 Trireme, 4 Vans,

    How did I do?
    Astro, Nav √
    Home: vans for trade and maybe Magellan. – Trade vans enroute.
    Hawaii: 8C, start Vans for MC or Leo - 8C √, Vans abuilding.
    Alaska: 4C, send 3 triremes ( 4 crooks, 2 Settlers) to Seattle. Explorer. - This was better – huts provided 2 Crooks. Crook and Settler enroute to Seattle. 2 Crooks overland. Explorer is roaming. Caravels and Crooks building.
    NZ: Defence, 1 settler, 1 crook, 1 Dip, vans – I opted to attack first: 2 English Cities captured, one destroyed.
    China: 5C, build Crooks - √ Shanghai captured.

    Plan for 200AD:
    Finish English, Finish Chinese. Get almost to Sioux. Use Philippines and Molucca boats to take Japan.Prepare army for Russia.
    Engineering, Bridges, Phys, Inv
    Home: vans for Magellan.
    Hawaii: 7C, Vans for MC or Leo
    Alaska: 4C, send 3 2 caravels, 2 Crooks
    NZ: 1 settler, vans
    China: Conquer China – need 3 more crooks for Nanking on river..

    Set Tax to 30 for War funds.

    20 Hilo. Sioux: WAR. Tenochtitlan captured.
    40 Hut: Physics (I wanted a unit for the Russians) Vet trireme kills Barbs near Tenochtitlan. Japan: WAR. Kill settler – crook in the red.
    60* Hut: Bridge Building. York found. Canterbury emptied and bribed. Three Crooks take Nanking.
    80 York captured. English destroyed. Canton captured.
  16. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    120 Hut: Magnetism – cancels LH – nearly all my triremes are at risk!
    160 Res Inv. Hut: Feudalism. Hut: 50g
    180 Wellington, Kona. Stony Lake found and destroyed.
    200 Samoa Salt to Beijing (d, 200). Now I can take out Chinese. Hut: NONE legion near Russians (finally) Russians: 100g. Capture Beijing with only 2 vet crooks. Chengdu bribed. Chinese destroyed. Move 4 crooks to Qingdao for Japanese.

    Status 200AD:
    40C, 3 Sett. MPE, LH (expired)
    33 Warriors, 9 Phalanx, 2 legion, 1 Pikeman,3 horse, 18 Crooks, 6 Trireme, 2 Caravel, 3 Galleon, 2 Dip, 9 Vans
    33 Techs res Inv.

    How did I do?
    Eng, Bridges, Phys, Inv - Almost - currently res Inv.
    Home: vans for Magellan - Need 3 more. Could have been more energetic here.
    Hawaii: Vans for MC or Leo - vans building, but slowly.
    Alaska: 4C, send 2 caravels, 2 Crooks to Sioux - did it overland
    NZ: 1 settler, vans √
    China: Conquer China √

    Thanks to fabulous hut luck with science, this was a good 10-turn set.

    Plan: MC in Home area in 3 turns. Magellan’s in Hawaii, or maybe Leos if it comes on line. Move remaining Chinese Crooks to Russians. Use Japanese crooks for Siberia later. Buy 2 Crooks in Victoria for Sioux war – there will be casualties. Found Yuma with a pike to prevent Sioux expansion.

    Tech plan: Inv, Demo, Guns. Need some trading
    Alaska: Expand to 7C.
    NZ: 1 galleon, 2 settlers, then vans
    China: Consolidate. Finish Road network. Then Vans.
    Australia: build Darwin (the city), Hobart, Brisbane.
    Misc. Oceania: finish temple in Philippines, then settlers.
    Expand to Borneo and Celebes.

    220* Cook Island Beads to Canton (d, 54)
    240 Hut: Invention. Deliver vans for MC.
    260 Res Demo. Tonga builds MC. Attack Kyoto with 4 crooks. Defenders killed, but they all are vulnerable…
    280 No counterattack. Kyoto razed. Satsuma (on mainland) razed.
    We accept 400g for cease-fire. Osaka subverted for x2. Get a Barracks.

    320 Pondicherry founded.
    340 Demo => Guns Sioux: 400g for peace. Hut: Nomads Deliver Vans for Magellan..
    360 Maui builds Magellan. Puerta Vallarta founded. Hut: 50g. Hut: 100g. Should we revolt? No, too many far-flung troops. Next time. (Ha!) Japanese” WAR. Edo captured, Japanese destroyed.
    380* Hut: 50g. Vans delivered for Pyr,
    400 Liuzhou builds Pyramids. Medicine Hat founded. Tokyo founded. New Delhi, Peshawar founded.

    Status 400AD:
    49C, 5S. Pyr, MC, MPE, Magellan, LH (expired)
    32 Warrior, 8 Phalanx, 1 Archer, 1 legion, 14 Pikemen
    3 horse, 18 Crooks, 1 Dip, 1 Explorer
    15 Trireme, 3 Caravel, 7 Galleon
    5 Vans

    How did I do?

    Tech: Inv, Demo, Guns - Inv, Dem √. Res Guns. No trading.
    Home: vans for MC √
    Hawaii: Vans for Leo or Magellan √ Magellan
    Alaska: Expand to 7C - Only 5C – I needed crooks more.
    NZ: 1 galleon, 2 settlers, then vans √
    China: Consolidate. Finish Road network. Then Vans. √, plus Pyr!
    Australia: build Darwin, Hobart, Brisbane. - Only Cairns, but collecting vans for Leo
    Misc. Oceania: finish temple in Philippines, then settlers. √
    Expand to Borneo and Celebes - Nope.

    Plan for 600
    Finish Conquering.
    Maybe Sun Tzu in Australia will save some turns.
    Russia: 6 crooks enroute. The first arrive in 3 turns. Kiev first, then the rest. They seem to be contained
    Sioux: have 6 Crooks (one may die this turn)
    LBH on river with Walls. Need 3 dips

    420 Tonga builds HG
    440 Sioux: WAR (finally). Slim Buttes razed.
    480 Sioux kill a crook. Kiev Captured.
    500 Cedar Creek razed.
    520 Deliver vans for Sun Tzu, Leo.
    540* Kailua builds Sun Tzu. Nottingham builds Leos.
    560 Two more crooks die in Sioux counterattack. Plus, we have to find 3 Forks. Minsk captured. Smolensk captured.
    580 Gunpowder => Steam. Found 3 Forks. Empty and Bribe. Russians: Peace for 200g. Need to regroup and the money is helpful.

    600 Hut: 9 barbs. Dip escapes to Galleon. This is my first bad hut result!!?

    Status 600AD
    58C, 12 Sett. Pyr, HG, MPE, LH, Leo, Sun Tzu, Magellan
    1 legion, 63 muskets, 3 horse, 17 crooks, , 7 Dip, 1 Explorer
    17 Galleon 5 vans

    It will all be over soon, but I am surprised how long it took for the Sioux. I panicked by going to Alaska - I thought they would have more cities and a larger civilization. Seattle would have been much quicker.
  17. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +1250 to +1500

    +1260 Chinese diplomat sabotages production in Hanoi. Cavalry on hill survives Russian elephant. Machine Tools -> Mini. Newton built. Cuttack founded on the east coast of India. Warrior defending Vladivostok killed and the city razed for 16g. Senate hands peace to Russians. 50g from hut. Domestic deliveries for 142, 434. Spice to Nanking for 192. T4L3S3

    +1270 Loaded transport survives Chinese caravel. Mini -> Combustion. Domestic deliveries for 62, 74, 284. Chinese settler killed. Nara and Darwin founded. Russian warrior bribed for 37g, and turned None, to occupy a fort.

    +1280 Cavalry in fort survives Chinese Ironclad. Combustion -> Genetic Engineering. Kamchatka founded. Domestic deliveries for 336, 205. Spice to Nanking for 372. Cavalry kill 2 musketeers defending Canton and the city is captured for 73g. Senate hands peace to Chinese.

    +1290 Nagoya and Ribblehead founded.

    +1300 Genetic Engineering -> Automobile. Domestic deliveries for 167, 212, 367, 312. Hides to Chinese for 80.

    +1310 Automobile -> Mobile Warfare. Cure built. NewCastle and Oxford founded. Beads to Tenochtitlan for 608. Domestic deliveries for 110.

    +1320 Mobile Warfare -> Mass production. Banpur founded on the east coast of India. Thwaite founded on island 29. Coventry founded, the old one will be disbanded into an Engineer soon. Beads and Spice to Sioux Raging Brook for 196, 204. Domestic delivery for 130. T4L2S4

    +1330 Mass Production -> Computers. Hoover dam built. Askrigg founded on island 25. Trelleborg founded in Alaska. Izumo founded in NE Asia. Pyongyang founded.

    +1340 Chinese build Eiffel; Sioux switch to Suffrage. Cloth to Chinese for 295. Domestic deliveries for 90. Padang founded.

    +1350 Computers -> Recycling. Domestic deliveries for 275, 140, 232, 244, 455. Fairbanks founded. Finally provoked Russians into declaring war. Cavalry kills single defender of Sverdlovsk. Minsk bribed for 498g. Got 95g, 3 soldiers, and 2 structures.

    +1360 Senate hands cease fire to Russians and I reluctantly accept their offer of 100g for peace. Recycling -> Robotics. Nagasaki founded. Gold to Shanghai for 1206.

    +1370 Robotics -> Nuclear Fission. SETI built. First pollution appears next to Trondheim. Liverpool, Malaysia, and Yokohama founded. Silk to Chinese for 282. First black heads appear.

    +1380 Nuclear Fission -> Nuclear Power. Risby founded. Spice to Chinese for 486.

    +1390 Nuclear Power -> Laser. Domestic deliveries for 390, 375. Yangon founded. T3L2S5

    +1400 Laser -> Flight -> Communism. Sibsagar and Mandalay founded. Deliveries to Chinese for 168, 340, 416.

    +1410 Communism -> Espionage. Harbin founded. Deliveries to Sioux for 150, 446. Domestic deliveries for 54, 616.

    +1420 Espionage -> Radio. Size 1 Russian Krasnoyarsk subverted for 2x75g. Got 14g and a musketeer. Vorbasse, Vladivostok and Aceh founded.

    +1430 Radio -> Advanced Flight. Fyrkat founded. Dye to Sioux for 160. Domestic Oil for 640.

    +1440 Advanced Flight -> Combined Arms -> Rocketry. Domestic deliveries for 108, 390. Dover founded. Russian embassy established.

    +1450 Rocketry -> Space Flight. First airport built in capital. Silver to Shanghai for 310. Domestic deliveries for 59. Karakorum founded.

    +1460 Space Flight -> Plastics. Malang founded. Russian provocation finally succeeds; they declare war. 2 Russian units killed and Kiev captured for 29g and barracks. Senate hands them peace immediately. Domestic deliveries for 70.

    +1470 Plastics -> Environmentalism. Russians declare war rather than remove troops. 2 Russian units killed. T8L2S0

    +1480 Russian warrior dies in attack on Kiev. Darwin built. Environmentalism -> Superconductor -> Stealth. T2L2S6. Russian warrior killed. Deliveries to Chinese for 124, 128. Beads to Sioux for 432. Domestic deliveries for 114, 112. Kvivik founded.

    +1490 Stealth -> Fusion Power. Russian diplomat killed. Domestic deliveries for 110, 150, 65.

    +1500 Sioux build Suffrage. Russians lose an elephant attacking me. Fusion Power -> Guerrilla Warfare -> Labor Union. 2 Russian units killed. Russian settler, now none, bribed for 360g. Lost a vet cavalry before killing the 2 defenders of Odessa and capturing the city for 72g. Senate hands cease fire to Russians. Smolensk subverted for 2x280g. Spy turned vet. Got 36g, city walls, and 2 soldiers. Cease fire expired?! But senate does not allow me to attack Russians. Jakarta and Neck founded. Domestic deliveries for 174, 173, 152, 104.

    Status at +1500

    Population: 57.7M; Cities: 100; Techs: 87; Government: Democracy
    Gold: 4770; Cost: 482; Trade routes: 128D33F;
    Ancient Wonders: Lighthouse, Hanging Gardens, Colossus, Great Wall
    Medieval Wonders: Marco, King Richard's, Shakespeare, Copernicus, Magellan, Michelangelo
    Industrial Wonders: Leo, Adam Smith, Bach, Newton, Darwin
    Modern Wonders: Cure, Hoover, SETI
    Units: 1 None settler, 4 engineers (3 None), 3 musketeers, 3 fanatics, 19 Riflemen, 18 cavalry (3 None), 2 catapult, 1 artillery, 14 Transports, 1 Frigate, 9 diplomats, 1 spy, 16 vans
    Goals: Apollo (next turn), UN?, further expansion in north Asia, and Alaska. Conquest of Russia?
    Russian: 6 cities, 22 techs; cease fire with me
    Japanese: Destroyed by me
    Aztec: Destroyed by Sioux
    Chinese: 7+ cities, ? techs; Pyramids, Eiffel;
    English: Destroyed by me
    Sioux: 14+ cities, ? techs; Great Library, Sun Tzu, Suffrage;
  18. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Your decision to pursue mapmaking first allowed you to build your second and third cities 4-5 turns before mine at the cost of delaying Monarchy by 16 turns.
    The idea to turn the rivered grass next to the capital into forest was brilliant. I had wasted settler turns and should have done that.
    At -2000 your tech is just one behind mine but your production is quite a bit ahead. You got Lighthouse 3 turns before mine.
    You say your first boat leaves for Hanoi; is that a typo? Your 4 city is on a small island nearby and you have another trireme headed for Hawaii. (I guess you could have sent 3 boats out.)
    We both got our 4th city in -1350 and 5th in -1250 though yours was from a hut in Philippines. Very interestingly, I got a city from that exact same hut but many turns later in -275.
  19. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    I wasn't the only person to turn the rivered grass to forest. I remember from my Easter Island tries (14 years ago) that production was the hardest thing in island civilizations.
    My first boat did leave for Hanoi. I had initially prioritized the Chinese/Russians as needing the most time. My settlers were partially pre-charged so I elected to irrigate the swamp on the small island at the cost of two turns later for Hanoi and one fewer initial settler in China. I got a 4th city about 10 turns before the one on the Chinese mainland, and over the course of the game several triremes from that city which was helpful. However, that decision was based mostly on trying to use the pre-charged settler turns, and was more impulsive than considered. I am not sure that was the ideal placement for the 4th city.
    I think the Major beat us both to LH.
  20. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    That was on my mind too and that is why I built our third city (the 4-special city) on rivered forest and did not turn that forest into plains till late in the game. But it did not occur to me to use settler cycles that would have gone to waste on the grassland next door.
    Technically he did, but ...
    I had one loaded boat leave the same turn LH was built and the second boat left one turn after.

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