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Jan 28, 2002
Brisbane, Australia
Don't know if this has been posted before, I have looked around a fair bit and haven't seen it mentioned, anyway it is something I discovered a few nights ago - if you build the UN wonder you have won the game. :)

How? Simple - the turn before the UN is complete sign MPP with every other civilization other than the leading civ (or second-placed civ if you are first). Offer them whatever they want to sign the MPP, it doesn't matter, you will win the game next turn. Then, declare war on your major rival, but *don't* attack them - let their units attack you first, causing all your allies to declare war on them. I shouldn't need to mention to keep your city building the UN well protected.

Anyway, on your turn, the UN is completed - then call for an election and everyone will vote for you as they are your allies and at war with your opposition. Game won. :goodjob:
Sorry, but you are wrong. Multiple times, I have had very close, long-term allies vote for the mutual enemy we'd been at war with for centuries. And I actually just checked your trick with an old save - EVERY other civ voted against me.

It just doesn't work.
It's how I won my last game. Shortly before I built the UN I made MPPs with everybody but the biggest AI civ in terms of score. War broke out between Germany (go figure) and Rome (#2 and my rival). Everybody alligned against Rome, I built the AI and even England, whose civ I took (leaving them a single island city on tundra) wouldn't vote for Rome. I renegotiated peace with them and bargained to make them ally against Rome.
My apologies. I should have been more explicit. What I meant was that, contrary to the original claim, it is NOT "guaranteed" to work. To be even more explicit, the specific word I maintain is in error is "guaranteed." Likely? Maybe, given other people's experience. Though in mine it certainly isn't.
Ok, apologies, perhaps "guaranteed" was a bit too strong a word. But it is something that certainly helps a lot... Perhaps also when signing the MPP I gave away a tonne of resources/gold etc. which helped get a few more votes. ;)
My last game I played I decided to try for a cultural victory. In my attempt to acheive this I made sure that I was never at war very long because of the hit it makes on your culture. At any rate when i realized I would not be getting my cultural win I went for the diplomatic victory. Several turns before I began researching for the U.N. I began giving things away to the lesser civs. Some technology that wasnt to important to my lead, extra luxuries etc. When I finally got the U.N. built 5/6 civs voted for me right off. Was nice to get this type of win, but wasn't what I had been hoping for. Nice to know that your generosity can pay off though.
Well I also won my last game that way just because I was second in the Histograph and I wanted to win no matter what.In fact I haven't been second for many games but this one the French were just too lucky.The map was two big continents and on my continent there were 5 races ,on the other only 3 and the continents were about the same size.So guess who had more territory?Well I destroyed the English and took their territory but the French took out the Indians and became even larger.I just didn't have any chance except for the Diplomatic.Well when I think of it I had the Hoover Dam and I so I had a decent production and I also was a little ahead in science and I could've tried the Space Race.
I build the UN so I don't lose (and just because... it's a Wonder, after all). Not that I'm a warmonger, but I usually do end up stomping several civs that attack me throughout the course of the game... and end up being the big dog because of it.

I have tried exactly one UN vote.

Everyone was "polite" with me (good trading partners, etc.). I had no MPP's. Germany was at war with England, everyone else (I can't remember exactly who was left out there) was at peace. None of the civs that I had fought earlier still existed, and my reputation should have been good, because I never broke a treaty, but did raze some cities.. and I don't think I ever started a war. Anyway, my opponent in the vote was Queen Elizabeth. Of course she voted against me, but so did everyone else, INCLUDING Bismarck, who was actively at war with her. WTF?

Anyway, it's no big deal, but I don't bother with trying the diplo victory anymore. Spaceship or Domination.

The first time I built I did not was a tie. So I reloaded to run a "test". I gave all of the other civs gifts and aggreed to what ever alliances I could. After the reload I won hands down. Now EVERY time (about 8 or ten total) I have built it and won. I always store up shields on a palace or use a leader to get it. Then the turn before if I don't have it yet I get MPP's and hopefully have ware going with the next best civ. I offer the other civs all sorts of gifts like lux's and resources plus $/turn right before I build the UN and bingo....DV!!! It has yet to fail!!!
That's not saying that it can't fail of course. This is on Monarch, Emperor and once on Diety.
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