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Hello a tutorial required!


Aug 17, 2009
Hello guys,
I m having a hard time , understanding and playing this game.
What is what !
I want to request that if anyone could make a CIV III game tutorial for the first 30 min or 40 min. Because i really don’t understand the benefits of mining a square or making a road or fortifying it.
Some kind of decision i make seems to h’ an affect after much later in the game.
Very confusing. I only play with 1 AI as an opponent.
So far i havn’t tasted the feeling for this game.
So a tutorial would be of much help.

Check out @SuedecivIII 's YouTube Channel. He's made dozens of useful videos for Civ3 newbies, including one called "How to play your first game of Civ3":

You might also want to look through (and follow any interesting links from) this part of the CivFanatics site:

The War Academy has a lot of useful articles, but some of the earlier ones were outdated after the various expansions and patches were released. The most useful ones will likely date from late 2003 onwards, after Conquests v.1.22 was released.

And if you can play Civ3 with Adobe Acrobat running (ideally on a dual-screen setup), I found this PDF data-sheet invaluable when learning the game. Have it open so you can Alt-Tab to it (or have it on your secondary monitor) while playing:

(NB Even though this is a direct "http" download-link, it is still safe to use -- but if your browser refuses it anyway, try it again prefixed with "https" instead of "http")
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@tjs282 thank u for those link, it gave me a more professional perspective about how the game should be played.
So now i h' a more clarity about this game.
Thank u for ur time, and attaching those links in the post. It was helpful.
What a comprehensive game, really never played this kind of game. Turn based. I usually play open world scenarios or campaign specially Call of Duty Project IGI etc etc.
It will take me a week to watch those videos and come up with my own style. I still don't understand the fever when i see people praising and swearing by this game.
Anyways thank u.
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