Hello Again - and a couple of quick questions

I'm thinking that post, or that sentence, by drew got a little misunderstood. The way I read it, the intent wasn't that BtS is the holy cow and shouldn't be tempered with, but that for people here in civfanatics, it is difficult to give advice and tips to people who ask for such, if they are playing a different game. Because as several of you point out, these mods change the game rather substantially.

Other than that, I'm very glad there are great mods for the game! It offers more variability and helps people stay interested over time. I haven't tried those particular mods myself, only read about them (what they change etc). I scratch my head at some of the changes, but maybe it would be different to actually play it. But for now, I prefer "house rules" within the BtS universe, where I avoid some of the exploits.

Personally I'm not all that interested in them. Not because the mods aren't great (they probably are), but because a big deal of the fun for me with this game is the community around it, and the various competitive games that are run over here. The community is small enough as it is, so if I were to try to get advice or whatever on mod X, it would probably be a pretty lonely affair.
For me, without mods, I would have long stopped playing Civ IV, so I do think they are one of the most important aspects of the game. However I do agree with the sentiment that sometimes is clear when a modder/ developer doesn't quite understand the game. It is not only related to Civ IV nor it is an universal theme, but it is quite clear when someone has spent most of the time coding instead of understanding their game.
For me it's "this" that I'm able to make smaller mods on the game myself. Without "this", I wouldn't be playing the game today.

I do stay away from parts of this game I simply don't understand (python fx.), but the XML part...... that's understandable. At least a greater part of it is. Specailly if you are patient of nature.

And not to forget: Seek and you shall find (maybe). Many of your questions have been posted before and many of your problems have also been seen before (and maybe solved (maybe only partly - but what the h.ck, - you can't get everything)).
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