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Help! Crash problems with edited units.


Designer, Mohawk Games
Dec 20, 2001
Pennsylvania, USA
Hi. I'm trying to create my own custom map and scenerio with the editor, involving a custom civ with its own UU (a stronger galley).

I chose a civ (Germans) to edit, changed a few things like the traits, starting techs, city names. I then chose their UU to edit (panzers), changing them to "War Galley", changing the unit icon, attack/defense stats, tech/resource reqs, etc. As far as I can see, I didn't change anything that should cause the game to crash when the unit comes available, but in all my tests it's doing just that: crashing every time the game has to deal with the edited unit.

I tried getting rid of the bombardment I had added to the unit, but that made no difference. I changed settings for AI's handling of the unit, but that didn't help either. I changed the civilopedia text (hadn't initially), then I went and matched all the settings on various things to that of standard galleys. None of this mattered, it just keeps crashing.

Is this a common problem with edited units? Does anybody know what's wrong? And what I might do differently to get it to stop crashing? I'd really like to make this work without having to scrap the idea of creating my own UU for my custom scenerio.

If nobody knows for sure what this problem is, would I be wasting my time to try to redo all that work, only with the English (who also have a naval UU) to try to get around this?

- Sirian
Check the editor help file, you need to rename the folder and INI file corresponding to any unit you rename, otherwise the game won't know where the art is it's supposed to load and it will crash.

So I can't just rename the unit and change the icon in the editor? I have to go through a complicated process of changing a directory name, changing a ini file name and then if I want to change the icon do even more wierd stuff.
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