Help me restore the Civ4 modpacks

Using the methods posted here, i recovered the Destiny Mod

And reuploaded it into mediafire, so it can be used in the future, greetings! i had been searching this for a long time, and i finally got it back
This came up in the Civ3 rescue convos and threads but not here so I figure I better mention it for everyone in Civ4. Quintilius is using Mediafire for hosting rescued lost mods too, however when I pointed out to him that I'd been hitting a few dead mediafire links in my rescue work we checked out their inactive policy and sure enough it's not great. If I recall we saw that if the uploader goes inactive and doesn't log into the site for 6mths the download is terminated making them not a very reliable source for preservation work.

Personally I recommend ModDB and Internet Archive for uploading lost mods when offsite hosting is required. Those places are huge, been around for decades and are about preserving the file/work so you could get hit by a bus tomorrow and that file will stay there for decades. I've been using them for my Civ2 preservation work and starting chucking a little bit of Civ3 stuff there too. I also note that Nexus Mods supports civ4 mods and I've even seen people use Sourceforge for Civ4 scenario hosting too but I personally think the first 2 are better and easier to use than the later 2.
Have PM'd you about it but something has gone very from with your original top post @The_J . All your download page links have merged into each other and broken.

Anyway I haven't forgotten about my promise to help you out on this thread mate but it'll still be a while yet sorry.. probably early next year as I really want to finish up releasing my Civ2 mods before getting back into preservation work.

However I do take requests lol and someone just asked me to rescue the Blood And Iron Mod For Civilization IV which I can see is in your list!

Using the Atomic Gamer backup trick posted earlier in this thread I located a backup of the original atomic gamer download page here:

Using the information on that page I was able to locate the download in the Atomic backup here:

Just needs renaming to it's original "" file name and it's good to go!
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