[BTS] Help with modular loading of resources from the Resource Mod

AW Arcaeca

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Mar 10, 2013
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Okay so, I was a Civ5 modder, but I haven't done any modding of Civ4 more complicated than merging JaRM and a couple new civ mods together, so bear with me...

I want to add some more resources, and so I'm looking to incorporate some of the resources from the Resource Mod into my personal little modpack. (The official download link doesn't work; I got it from the SourceForge link on the last page of the thread) Now, the thread says the resources are all supposed to be modular, and I thought that meant I would just have to - parallel to the file structure in the Resource Mod - create a folder in Assets/Modules called Resources, and then copy all the subfolders corresponding to the resources I wanted, into that new folder.

This doesn't work. They show up in the civilopedia (although they make the farm/quarry/mine/plantation disappear from it for some reason?), but I can't start up a new map - it gets stuck in the initialization stage forever.

So obviously there was something else I needed to copy over as well, but it's not obvious to me what it is. Like, this build of the mod comes packaged with a whole bunch of other files that perhaps naively look like irrelevant junk - new menu screen background and music I don't want, some XML readme files consisting of nothing but modder warnings, python scripts that can't all be about map generation, the entire SDK project used to build the mod??? Surely the mod doesn't need all of this to run properly.

Is anyone willing and able to walk me through what files do or do not need to be merged into my mod to work?
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