Histo - score per turn going down at milk stage


Jul 16, 2005
Been playing Histo Diety game (my first ever Histo).. around 250 turns to go I was at the end of maxing my land and finishing off the last of the competition. I checked and was around 110 pts per turn. Around 200 turns to go it dropped down to around 104. Now with 100 to go, all cities around max size, population about twice as big as it was around the 110pts per turn point and score per turn is even lower now. I'm getting under 90 pts per turn.. is this normal? Just thought score per turn should be growing instead of dropping. At this point I'm looking at a final score around 30k, which looks pretty sad for a Diety game since other scores on lower difficulty are over 50k on the HoF list.

I was just checking this thread on how the Scoring works.

Basically your game score is the average of all your scores at the end of each turn. So towards the end of the game it gets harder and harder to keep pulling up your average.

It's not like CivII in which your game score was just your turn score on the last turn.

Hope this helps.
ah.. so I guess its normal after your at max size to have the score per turn to go down. Just sucks when you have a bunch of cities at size 35-41 and your scoring pace is going down hehe
yah.. well nothing I can do now but slowly play out the last 100 turns while I watch a movie (workers calculations on cleaning pollution tasks take a couple mins each turn). Guess my big problem is not expanding earlier, but at this point with the time invested dont think i'll try another histo for a bit hehe
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