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Feb 21, 2002
Is it just me or does the AI automatically place the horses as far away from my civ as possible?

I have started 3 games and on each game (large/huge) map there has been a maximum of 2 horse resources. On all 3 games I had to go through another civ(war) to obtain the horses. This is hard considering the other civ already has horse units and I am stuck on foot. I just bought the game so I haven't tried any patches yet..Is there a fix to this?
On a recent game, I didn't have horses, so I was lucky to trade with a civ who was very polite to me. Ok, so I gave him a spare lot of iron for it, but it helped. Once I got tanks, the deal was ended.

There is no real reason to go to war to get a resource. If you are good, and remain on polite terms with other civs, they tend to be more laid back in their deals.

That game I refer to, I had a diplomatic victory by 1976, and I never had one war.

So, it maybe true what they say... "Place nicely, and you will get what you want" :)
Usually the lone civ with the horses won't share and they are usually militaristic. They won't give up the horses no matter how much money I throw their way..plus they are always waging war with me. I find it hard to negotiate with them this way.

Speaking of saltpeter... The one stage in which I got well past gun powder I have yet to find any. Is there some trick to finding these resources or are they really that scarce on a huge/large board..0-2 each with 90% land mass discovered?
Horses were one of the most important early ressources. Since 1.17, I'm ,not sure they still are because of the 50% retreat chance.
In fact they were equally important for an agressive or defensive player, because you always need fast units to chase around the wounded ones.
Specifically on your post, ressources are evenly distributed as far as I know. So it's probably bad luck.

If I have a sizable empire, I usually have no trouble getting all the resources. Once in a while I'll lack for some oddball like aluminum or my oil will run out... we all know what that means.

Mainly I lack for important resources in the early game because I haven't expanded. It's possible to get stuck for iron or horses, but you have to be unlucky to lack both.

One thing I make sure of is that I have both desert and jungle in my empire. Desert is important for saltpeter and jungle supplies coal and rubber.

All real basic stuff.
ok, so I am just unlucky. Is there a possibility of the horses leaving his side and reappearing on my side?

Also, after you have discovered the technology that allows you to see resources. Can they pop up new like a hundred years after the discovery?
Horses and rubber are permanent. The other resources, on occasion disappear from one tile and appear on another.
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