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How do I get the civilopedia icons to show?

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Tutorials, Reference, & Guides' started by fascistdictator, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. fascistdictator

    fascistdictator Chieftain

    Feb 22, 2002
    I just now got the hang of adding new units to the game, and everything is going fine except when I put the large and small pcx. into the art\civilopedia\icons\units folder they still do not show when I open the cyclopedia in the game. My entry and unit picture 32pcx. is there but I just can't get the ones that are supposed to show up in the top right hand corner. I did notice in the pediaicons the paths are all numbered with 65Privateerlarge and 65Privateersmall being the last ones. Can someone tell me that if I want to add new unit pictures to the cyclopedia do my pcx small and large pictures have to be numbered with like (66Fanaticlarge and 66Fanaticsmall) being the next number? Please help?
  2. pap1723

    pap1723 Chieftain

    Apr 19, 2001
    Chicago, IL
    You have to make sure that in the Civilopedia that you put the path and filename of the units icons that you want to show.

  3. frunobulax

    frunobulax High Sheriff of Catford

    Jun 18, 2001
    London, England
    I'm having this same problem - using the new Mac Civ3Edit programme - even if i have the right path/filename.

    I need to know this too ! Does a new unit need a new number in front of it, or can you just add it in with a regular filename...?
  4. pdescobar

    pdescobar Moo, baby. Moo.

    Nov 30, 2002
    CFC or playing DyP
    The numbers are simply part of those filenames. If you take a look in [CIV3_BASE]\Art\Civilopedia\Icons\units you will see that the filenames are all of that form, whereas the PTW units in [PTW_BASE]\Art\Civilopedia\Icons\units have filenames of the form "x_princess civpedia sm.pcx" The naming convention used is not important. What is important is that what you place in the "Civilopedia Entry" field in the Editor for that unit matches the relevant section in the PediaIcons.

    Here's an example. Let's say you want to add Elvis to the game. (I choose Elvis because he comes as an Easter Egg in PTW -- it is in the Folder called "The King" ;) )

    First, you find a nice picture of Elvis and resize it to 128x128. Save it as a 256-color PCX file and save it to "Art\Civilopedia\Icons\units\Elvis Civilopedia Large.PCX". Now resize it to 32x32 and save that to "Art\Civilopedia\Icons\units\Elvis Civilopedia Small.PCX".

    In the Editor, create a new unit called Elvis and in the "Civilopedia Entry" field, put PRTO_Elvis. Now, in the PediaIcons.txt file, scroll to the end of the "start units" list and put in an entry like this:

    art\civilopedia\icons\units\Elvis Civilopedia Large.pcx
    art\civilopedia\icons\units\Elvis Civilopedia Small.pcx
    And then go to the unit animation section and add
    The King
    The above example was for PTW but the important point is the same for vanilla civ3. That is, make sure the "Civilopedia Entry" for the unit in the editor matches the ICON entry in pediaicons.txt; the game uses the Civilopedia Entry to identify your unit and looks in PediaIcons.txt for the filenames of the images to display. If the entries don't match, it won't know where to find the files and will create rough images on the fly from the unit itself.

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