How do you keep a balance between building units and city improvments?


Dec 27, 2001
St. Louis, Missouri
I just recently started playing on Monarch level. I have around 40 Cavalries parked outside my neighbor, but my military advisor said our army power is about the same. I'm about 3-4 techs behind, though. My question is how do you know when this city ought to build unit or city improvment? I'm having trouble, because if I focus on building the improvments, I quickly get outnumbered by my Mongol neighbor (he's the only neighbor on my continent). I usually build temple as first city improvment (my civ is Chinese).

Thanks all
That's one way to do it...

I'm a builder, and even on Monarch can satsify most of those urges---most of my core cities get built to the max.

However, if you play a tight build game and want to ultimately annihilhate the world, Abgar is right the minimum (add a worker) then pound out units and slay thy foes.
Build moslty units in the early portion of the game, especially cavalry. Then as you progress you can upgrade those units while you work building up other buildings such as temples, and marketplaces.
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