How "Intelligent" is the AI


Jul 18, 2007
What i mean by this question is: If I for example make a advanced farm, which is the same as a normal farm just that it gives 1 food extra, will the AI build it instead of the normal one or do i have to do SDK work to make it usable for the AI?
The same question is for buildings inside a city?
And if I make a new action with Python, how can i make the AI use it?

The AI is intelligent enough to make use of new improvements/buildings/etc. How well they use it, that can be a different matter. Best way to find out is to try it out.

I wouldn't recommend making new actions in python if you want the AI to use it. The AI programming is in the SDK. SDK <-> python interactions can be slow. You can make the AI use it in python by doing it in AI_unitUpdate ( However there's nothing there as is - you'll need to add completly new code. Or you can do it in the SDK by adding your code to the already existing AI code.
thx for you answer,
i thought it was like that but i asked anyway
so i think i will have to learn to work with the SDK

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