How to change raging barbarian behavior so they attack all players equally?


Dr. Draftingstein
Oct 19, 2022
Hi there.

I've been experimenting with raging barb bonuses and spawn rates on a huge lakes map.

However, there is one wildcard that I cannot account for, that ruins most games.

The barbs seem to target a particular subset of the players, while walking past and ignoring the half of the players on the map.

Is there a way to modify their behavior so they attack the nearest target to them, in order to prevent certain ai's from being dogpiled (and outright dying).

Removing barbarian cities (1 barb city per 100,000 unoccupied tiles removes barb cities) helped a lot, since barbarians would all reroute to defend their cities, however it didn't do enough.

Having observed 20 games with the world editor, hitting skip turn with a machine gun in my capitol (not playing the game myself), on a 12 player map, 3 ai's die outright, 3 more are stuck one one city being hellcamped, and the remaining Ai's are on 8-12 cities, as if they have a peace treaty with the raging barbs. The barbs literally path around their borders to dogpile the weak ais.
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