How to make - AI settle to islands?

The game is not easy enough already? You need the ai colonists to settle in predetermined internment camp islands you designate for them? If you really want to have an easy game you could play hotseat and control the ai players as well and see if you can make as many stupid mistakes as they do in single player.

How about a button that just says i win?

Without the indians and the ai colonys there would be nothing to stop you from settling 2 tiles in every direction across the entire new world. You could have just one colonist in each city in the town hall making bells. And when you have all the land covered and your wagon trains have shipped enough guns and horse for 2 dragoons per city you could declare independance, pick all men are free, and turn all those indentured servants into dragoons to gather up in one huge stack in the center of the continent. Then go around with your hundred dragoon army mopping up all that gigantic REF army.

Maybe you should pose your question in the mod forum and ask one of those mod junkies to write up the code for your ai to settle in islands...

I think the only real reason you dont like to settle by the ai is because then their scouts will compete with yours, and then you wont get as much free gold that you desperately need to win.

Sorry i just find the whole idea of ai's settling on islands when continents are available a little offensive to their intelligence.
But if that is what you really want to do, Ashley, open Worlbuilder and place the other cols exactly where you want them on the map. Ctrl-W from main game screen.
I wouldn't mind seeing the AI settle islands. It may be slightly worse than settling on the continent but it's not as if real colonies completely ignored islands. Given settlements only work the 8 squares surrounding them even small islands can be quite productive. The whole colony wouldn't have to be on the island. It's also not really a problem for goods transport as boats can do loads of that.

You can also get massive food if you're lucky. I had a 5 fish island once. Fed most of my colony.
Let's say you have a one or two tile island withing one turn from your mainland, with three fish or crabs offshore. You know what a food factory that would be? Or, set up a ranch and plop down three ranchers and watch the horsies grow. Better have a couple ships at least to keep up with the horsies/colonists/surplus food you will be bringing in.

Even without fish such an island would produce more than enough food. I think with dock and master fisherman you get 8 food per tile (no fish) which is a surplus of 6. for eight tiles that's 48 food per turn, not counting whatever the city tile kicks in, so you would have at least 50 per turn.
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