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How to set the number of computer players?


Sep 6, 2007
Hi all,

In CIV 3, after selecting a map size (i.e. Huge), I could also select the number of computer players and their civilizations (i.e. China, America, Germany, ...etc.).

May I ask how do I do the same thing in CIV 4? So far, I can only select the map size; but it does not ask me for the number of computer players nor can I select their civilizations.

Thanks in advance,
Easily done by selecting "custom game" instead of 'play now'; you can even choose the other civs by hand if you like.
welcome to CFC :)

as Leventis said, you have to set it up as a custom game. it's not as easy as it could be, you can't just check a box or enter a number of opponents. there's a dropdown list of teams, defaulted random non-teams, and to change the number you have to do it on that list. i mention this because ...

a friend of mine was new to civ4 and playing huge maps and wanted only 4 opponents for whatever reason and did not understand why he kept getting more than that. he didn't realize that he needed to scroll down on that game setup screen and set the other leaders further down to "Closed" instead of "AI" ;). so, just in case learning from his goofup might help ya *giggle*.

ps i love to crochet! my unfinished projects tend to ummmmm pile up when i get into my hooked-on-civ phases tho :blush:. i can't quite figure out that knitting thing, but mom's great at it.
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