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How to Use Platybuilder in WB?


May 11, 2024
Hello all.

I have looked up and down on this forum as well as read the civilopedia entry on this multiple times and I feel like I am just missing something:

how do you view/edit flip zones/stab maps and so on? I click on Platy, click on map mode, and no matter what I do, nothing described in the civilopedia entry appears.

I feel like I am missing something very basic and I would appreciate if someone could point it out to me. I've tried clicking through every possible button combination and again, feel like something is just going over my head. A few bullet points or a 10 second screencapture of the proper method would do wonders. Thanks

Beyond that, this is my favorite mod for my favorite game and it's awesome to still be playing a game at 30 that I first played when I was 14.
IIRC viewing/editing stability and spawn maps was removed from the worldbuilder.
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