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How we can make an event when a City adopts a Religion via the DLL?


Aug 6, 2023
Santiago de Chile
Hi everyone, good day or night to all!
I'm here today to ask you if is possible to make a event via the DLL that fires when a City adopts a Religion by any traditional method (natural pressure spread, by Missionaries, etc), but not when their Followers count change, only when a City adopt thar Religion for one or many times.
Thanks to Machiavelli24, I know there are a GameEvents.CityConvertsReligion event in the DLL (CvReligionClasses.cpp to be exact), but that event fires everytime a Religion becomes the majority in a City when the Followers of that Religion in it become majority than the Pantheon or other Religion in it (precisely, line 3644 in the file).
I wonder if is can be possible to make via the game's DLL an "GameEvents.CityAdoptsReligion" or something like that, like a alternate event to GameEvents.CityConvertsReligion to fire only when your City is converted to a Religion and not when his Followers increase or decreases.
I can even do it myself, despite the fact I'm new to the DLL modding yet, but I personally still have knowledge to edit, understand and compile that files, and learn more about that. I need your opinion, advices or information to at least try something like this.
Any ideas or some recommendation for this?
I will be attentive to you and I hope that if this has an answer, that it will be useful to other users interested in this.
Thank you in advance for everything and I hope you all be okay!
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