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Huge-Map 22-civ games - framerate drop spikes/frameskip and some lag when scrolling the map during AI turn processing


Nov 11, 2012
Does Civ 5 normally have framerate drops/frameskip (occasionally up to half a second frameskip) when scrolling around the map during the processing of the AI's turns? Was doing a Huge Map 22-civ all-war spectator game and noticed that this often happens (granted, the game has to process a big map with a lot of units and quick combat back-to-back turns, so that may have something to do with it), even occasionally when watching the damage values float up from a unit. Game's a locked 60 otherwise. The PC is beefy (and CPU/GPU are nowhere near max utilization) so normally I'd just chalk it up to Civ 5's poor optimization, but I've had a lot of random issues with the new PC so I've been paranoid.

I just find it odd that the frame drops only really occur when the camera is moving (and never when a turn isn't processing). I guess because the game has to display several turns of recent combat numbers and such (thanks to quick combat making everything faster, but also gives the game no breaks from calculation that it'd normally get during one-at-a-time unit animations). My friend and I did a game on his computer, and we had these same symptoms on a standard map (less severe, but still there), so yeah, its probably just Civ 5's bad optimization kicking in, but I want to be sure.

Though I noticed that on a huge map the game doesn't even try to load all of the tile terrain graphics in at once no matter how good your GPU is. Often an area I was just looking at a minute ago will unload its terrain graphics offscreen and load them back in again after half a second of being grey. Only happens on huge maps. Is it just me? Civ 5 really shouldn't be a challenge for a 3070ti
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