Game crashes when opening city screen on specific turn w/ VP


Jan 21, 2024
As it says on the tin - I'm at a loss with what to do. I only have a fairly short modlist:

-YnaEMP, Terrain - pontoon bridge, mints include copper, sub ignore borders, quickturns, infoaddict, contextual unit names, civ names by policies, better helicopters, communitas map, VP promotion tree ui, & VP/CBP/EUI (43 civ version). (I have also removed the GDR & Xcom squad from the VP files myself via UnitChanges, which I've done before without issue in prior games).

This happened on a Korea game around turn 150 on a Huge map. My third city finished a library, and upon opening the city/production screen for that city, the game crashes after a few seconds. No other city causes this, and I've never had this issue with civ/VP before (and it seems very rare, given I can't find anything on it either).

I initially suspected EUI, since I recently got a new PC and I've heard reinstalling that can be a problem, but clean reinstalls of civ 5 itself, verifying installations, deleting/reinstalling EUI/VP/CBP, turning off yield icons if civ was somehow having a RAM issue, and turning mods on/off to try to narrow the cause down haven't yielded anything, and I really don't want to sink another 150 turns into a game only for it to be stuck crashing again.

On a possibly related note, there's also a red dot at the top left and black screen that appears when staring a new game, replacing the usual screen where you can see the leader (The starting text & the UU/UB building icons are also missing). It didn't seem to impact anything at first besides that screen, but given that issue has also survived my attempts to fix it, the two might be related, but I can't find anything on either of these issues. Any help or pointers as to what might be going wrong would be great. Thanks!
Update: I recently found that the "Civ Name by Policy" mod messes with this UI, so I had to turn it off and that fixed the issue. Strange, but.. if it works, it works.
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