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ICQ Help


Smith, Wesson, and me
Jul 20, 2001
Duluth, MN, USA
Right now I'm doing several PBEM's, and I like them a lot because you take just ten minutes per game per day and everbody's patient. However, I wouldn't mind just getting into some live MP games on the weekend, but no amount of reading has let me completely figure how to start or find one. With the exception of this and apolyton's forums, I can't find anything. I finally looked into the option of ICQ, and I have a number, but that's it. Where is this jackpot of potential games on ICQ? :confused:

Thanks in advance
FYI I've investigated further and it turns out the normal instructions don't apply to me because I downloaded ICQ version 2002b, which doesn't have the Active List feature. With that out of the picture, is ICQ then useless to me with the exception of being another way to contact others individually?
Pretty much just PM on forums for contacting individuals. I've tried posting on forums, but nobody seems to pay attention to that.
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