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Icyfire's Slavery Mod 1.0


Mar 25, 2017

Icyfire's Slavery Mod - Adds the Slave Unit, Resource, and a number of other related things like an abolition project

CivFanatics Resource Link: https://forums.civfanatics.com/resources/icyfires-slavery-mod.26072/

Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=898079487

This is my first mod, something that adds Slave Units to the game(As if there weren't already enough mods that do that! :p).

What exactly is inside this mod:

-The Slave unit. It has 5 builder charges and 2 wonder rush charges. These wonder rush charges get less effective as time goes on. By the industrial era they do very little to aid in the production of wonders. Slave units, when purchased, consume one slave resource. They require these slave resources to be purchased. Slaves can ONLY be bought with gold. They cannot be built using production.

-The Slave resource. It provides 4 amenities and can only obtained by conquering cities or by killing enemy civilian units like Apostles, Missionaries, Slaves, and Workers. Settlers do NOT give yield the slave resource on capture and instead continue to give a settler. The slave resource can also be obtained by trading with other civilizations.

-The Dakar city-state. An economic city-state that gives +2 builder charges to slaves of its suzerain.

-Rebellion. At the end of each turn, there is a small chance for a single slave unit to turn into a barbarian warrior. There is an even smaller chance that every slave unit in your empire will turn into a barbarian warrior.

-Abolition. Upon researching Industrialization, players have the ability to build the abolition project. Should this project be built, every slave unit in your empire will be disbanded, and you may not build any more slave units for the rest of the game. Any slave units(and units only, the slave resource does not have this effect) add 1 population to the city that they are closest to. All cities in your empire also gain +5% production.


- Slave resource does not update its count when being traded(Not sure if this can be helped or not, seems like a problem only firaxis can fix)

-Can't use Text Icons, so the slave resource shows up as [ICON_SLAVE]

-Slaves show up in the Great Person Screen

-Slaves spawn in the capital when purchased(Can still be moved using the move to city action)

I will be adding more things to this mod as time goes by. Right now I'm currently debating adding another city-state.
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