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Idea For Religion: Tribalism/Paganism


Zulu Conqueror
Aug 5, 2010
Eastern Kentucky
I've always thought that if religion would return in Civ everyone should reaserch a certain technology (such as Mysticism) which would give them a unique tribal or Pagan religion. It could give them a lot of culture early on and let them build special wonders or units or buildings, and as long as it is your state Religion other Pagan/tribal religions cant spread into your cities unless they are conquered.

Pagan/tribal Civ could have advantages such as:
early cultural buildings for tribal gods/Pagan gods
ability to kill missionaries of "orginzed" Religions (the ones in Civ 4)
Special Enslavement Units
Ritual Sacrifice for wokers or population

But they would also have disadvantages:
cant spread outside borders (religious differences hurting relationships)
cant build big Shrines or Cathedrals
if an "organized" Religion spreads to a city it eventually will make the tribal one disapeare this could happen quickly
Pagan Civs could have a Crusade called against It
Citizens are made happier by an organized Religion

So you CivFanatics out there like idea, or think its stupid or think it would be good but would involve to much micromanagement:confused:


Jul 31, 2010
I think this is great idea! Because sometimes on some maps I find my self alone in island with no religions so far. So I have to live without religion until some on come and spread it.
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