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  • Our missionaries will be eyeing whatever you play as; we seek to spread the word to all!.
    Have I not mentioned yet that being a member of the Church of Takhisis gives you a 0.00005000674% bonus chance of meeting a job as a random encounter?
    Every time you donate, you get a free email (free!) where we tell you a generic feelgood message that will make you feel good in a generic way.

    Then, after $300, you get a free scented candle.
    Well, it's definitely very easy to proclaim (i.e. label) yourself an anti-fascist or anti-communist and then proclaim (i.e. label) whatever you're against as fascist or communist.

    Donate and ye shall hear!
    Yes, but that's the dangerous things about labels: they also explain yourself to yourself. Many people tend to identify with this intangible ‘us’ and follow a tribe which most often has never heard of them. I've seen it of late in elections across this continent and you can see it in our own threads.

    Just keep your head. (and maybe donate to the Church of Takhisis)
    Hey, I've read your post on why you voted for Kasich… don't let them label and pigeonhole you into being one specific type of conservative or whatever. Especially by columnists and other professional opinion-issuers who need tribes to feed.

    Following that advice has helped me keep my sanity in these weird political times.
    There are like two people really interested in it atm, of which I'm one.
    You may want to visit the IOT Flag Thread to post flags you may like and to comment on the Union Jack debate.
    You might be interested in New Earth IOT.

    There are continents that currently have no players on and plenty of room. ;)
    I apologise for the... derailment in IOTXIV and hope for the situation to improve.
    I need a ally in IOTXIV to remind the "Roman Empire" that Greece is not Roman. In case they decide France or Gaul as they call it is "Roman" would you be so kind as to agree to a defence pact? If the answer is yes then declare it in the thread. We of the Platonic Republic want peace. A defence alliance with your power may help this.
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