[Vanilla] Ideas on why civics tree fails?


Jan 18, 2002
I made a few xml edits this week and yesterday I lost the civic tree. There was a small steam update but I don't expect that is the issue. The tree fails to open with either saved games or new games. I have undone the few xml edits I made to no joy. It appears that civics is dependent on culture and amenities, but neither of those have been edited off. I didn't see any apparent cache or tmp files that could be removed.

Ideas on what I can look for?

BTW, I'm on a windows 10 box and it's annoying not to have sdiff available. Do you have a favorite tool/method to compare two files and just highlight the changes, with line numbers?
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Found problem. Hard coded Trajan cheapest building. All is good, except sometimes game is in window even though option shows full screen. Don't know why, just need to reselect and restart for workaround.

In case someone else has issue, find the error:

1- enable debugging
2- enable logging
3- check errors and warnings in modding.log file, you should see something like this
[967160.345] [Gameplay] ERROR: Invalid Reference on ModifierArguments.ModifierId - "TRAIT_ADJUST_NON_CAPITAL_FREE_CHEAPEST_BUILDING" does not exist in Modifiers
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