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Impressed with Naval Assault


Jan 16, 2002
For the first time since I've played the game I was pleasantly surprised. I was playing a continental map with myself (Germany), the Russians and Zulus on my continent. Zulus demand Education (ironic) and then declare war. They have to go through the Russians to get to me. I guess it took them too long to trapse through someone elses territory because they signed pacts with every other civ except the French. Not too much later I see 8 caravels on my coast, at least one from each civ. I don't know what he gave them to jump on the bandwagon, but it must have been good because all I saw was a rainbow of swordsman, pikemen and warrior landing in my territory. They spread out and hit the holes I had in my coastline that were undefended by knights and swordsman. Needless to say, they launched a planned strike, waiting until there were enough ships to where I couldn't defend all of them. Meanwhile, while I'm fending off all these yahoos, the sneaky French drop a city at my edge (in peace of course) and go on to build Adam Smith while I'm preoccupied (missed it by two turns). I fended them off luckily and sued for peace. First they wanted to two techs (each civ mind you) and at least 300 gold. After beating them every time they set foot on my land, it kept dropping. Finally I got peace for free. It's funny how the Zulus will ask for peace after you raze 6 cities in a few turns. Hope to see more axis assaults, even if they are on me. Keeps me on my toes. :cool:
The same thing happened to me on a pangea map. The Japanese sent 7 caravels full of troops, landed on my coastline and took two cities. It took me a while to take them both back. Even though it caused me harm, I was very happy to see the AI launch what seemed to be a planned attack.
I have seen once huge naval battle near my coast. My allies attacked my enemy - one by one frigates zipped through my visibility zone and hide in the fog. After that some of then were broadsiding into some invisible for me targets. It was about 10 frigates followed past me. And I have never seen them again...
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