Is the artwork for the Kublaikhan_vietnam expansion locked?


Feb 6, 2022
I have tried everything I know to get my custom district to use the Preserve's art and its not working. In the past I also tried to use the Thanh and that did not work either. Likewise when I use CivBlitz to make a civ and use the Thanh as the UI, the district is invisible. I even made my custom district not replace the preserve so I could put them side by side and my district says Missing Art in the strategic view while that very art sits right next to it working fine as a preserve. I have my own district.artdef and landmark.artdef in my mod, used the art.xml generator to make my art file and then put in the name and ID of the kublai khan expansion in the requiredGameArtIDs part of the art.xml file. I have no trouble getting the artwork from other districts to work. included my files for reference.

If anyone can show me a custom district using the preserve artwork I would very much appreciate it.


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