[GS] Issues with the "different governments" diplomatic penalty


Nov 11, 2023
Apologies if this isn't in the right forum, this is my first time posting on here. I wasn't sure whether to put this in the bug report forum or the discussions forum; there definitely are some bugs involved, but frankly I'm not sure where the bugs end and the intended mechanics begin. The Fandom wiki page on the subject wasn't very helpful. In case it helps, I am playing the PC/Steam version of the game with all DLCs enabled.

I am having a strange issue relating to the diplomatic relations penalty due to having different governments. My understanding is that there is supposed to be 0 penalty between tier 1 and tier 2 governments, a -20 penalty between tier 3, and a -40 penalty between tier 4. In my current game, I have just switched from Monarchy to Democracy. What I believe is supposed to happen is that the fascist and communist civs should hate me, the democratic civs should like me, and the civs that are still on Tier 2 governments should be indifferent. But instead, the monarchist civs are now angry at me (-20 relations) for having different governments, and the fascist civs are indifferent (no change in relations), which doesn't make any sense. I'm not sure if my former fellow monarchists are supposed to be angry at me, but I'm positive that the behavior of the fascist civs is a bug. Interestingly the Classical Republic, Oligarchy, and Autocracy in my game also don't seem bothered by my new government, only the monarchists.

After this, I did some testing:

- Reloaded the save, switched from Monarchy --> Democracy --> Fascism.
Effect: The monarchists still have -20, the fascists now have +20, everyone else doesn't care.
- Reloaded the save, switched from Monarchy --> Democracy --> Fascism --> (anarchy) --> Democracy.
Effect: After the anarchy was over, the fascist countries got a -40 penalty against me (?). The monarchist countries still have -20 and the others still don't care.
- Started a new game with all of my mods disabled, played it until I unlocked democracy and someone else switched to fascism. Still broken.
- Deleted and reinstalled the game, then reloaded the vanilla test game I made earlier and tried switching governments again. Still broken.
- Deleted the Steam Workshop folder, then reloaded it and tried again. Still broken.
- Switched to a different computer. Still broken.

I am very confused by all of this. And what's really strange is that this has been happening to me in all of my games for a long time (several months, at least) and I haven't found anyone else complaining about this. The only reason I waited so long to report this is because I assumed that a bug this significant would have been found and reported by someone else very quickly, and that surely this had to be some obscure mod issue that I couldn't be bothered to hunt down and fix. But as I mentioned above, I disabled all of my mods as a test and it's still happening. Any ideas?
I haven't ever tested this properly, but I noticed the same pattern that you described so well here.
The system essentially doesnt work, and can more or less be disregarded.
I get that they wanted to emulate the ideologies of civ 5, but they should imo just have kept that system instead rather than this inconsequential mess.
I believe picking a tier3 and tier4 government are -20% when not shared. This applies to both ends.

For example:

You have Monarchy:
No modifier with tier1 and tier2 governments.
-20% to all tier3 and tier4 governments.

You switch to Democracy:
No modifier with Democracies.
-20% to all tier1 and tier2 governments (like Monarchy).
-40% to all tier3 and tier4 governments (like Fascism: you have -20% and they have -20%, so it combines to a mutual -40%).

I need to read better. I talked about Tourism modifier. Does the AI had the Ideologue agenda? It could mess them up?
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