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Glad to know Penz......don't know how it aplies to this discussion though.
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America was founded on Judeo-Christian values, not Islamic fundamentalism.

America was founded on liberal, secular values. Look at the French revolution if you want to know how popular religion was to 18th century liberals.
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I think all religions are equally stupid.

Thank you for that very enlightened opinion. ;)
That's Horrible!!! I can't beleive this is happening!!!! How did the government allow this to happen. I mean I know you have a big country and all but I think the governemtn would be able to notice when subversive, inflamatory, ridiculous ideas are being froced on children. But then again I guess even Oliver North has his rights. ;)

C'mon you actually read what that idiot has to say? Why not listen to Rush Limbaugh or Pat Robertson. Those people should be taken with a grain of salt. Then again so should Michael Moore.
When I took European History in High School we spent almost the entire class talking about reformation. We read about St. Thomas Aquinas and Martin Luther.

In my Ancient History we learned about The Code of Hammurabi, and The Ten Commandments, and early Jewish and Christian cultures (including some of their rituals and beleifs)

No one cried seperation of church and state then.

PErhaps because we were not actually saying prayers. I don't think this was an attempt to indoctronate anyone. Seems more like the kind of Dress-Up and Play Acting that is done in elementary schools (Although this sheds new light on the quality of American Education, You still play dress up in grade 7?).
Originally posted by penvzila
I think all religions are equally stupid.

That's OK - I think all hard-line right wingers are stupid too.
First looking at that article, I expected to see the Onion as the source tagline because no serious publication would dare release such bosh. How are these students expected to roleplay a jihad exactly? Strikes me that such things require a belief to actually do and ultimately if such things were to go ahead then the class would be mocking Islam rather than learning anything about it. It is extremely laudable that Oliver North is standing up to protect the integrity of his Muslim countrymen in such a forthright way by seeking to reduce mockery of their religion. If you expect school pupils to learn about religion, then they should learn about all religions, including Stormerne's, and not just carefully selected ones. State (or public) schools ought to be secular, and independently-funded schools should have the choice to teach a specific religion, but it should not form a central part of the nation's (or state's) curriculum.
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