Let's play together on the Xbox!


Jun 27, 2014
first I would like to give a shout out to anybody that contributed in the strategy forums. I've been playing civ Rev all way back on PlayStation when they release a demo, and I would just play the demo I never really bought the game until maybe a few years ago. And when I did I was I was alright at it but looking at other people's perspective help me get even better.

that being said civ Rev was released for free on xbox just a month ago and there's quite a few people playing it. I myself play a quite often and I picked it up when I was out for free because I didn't feel like purchasing the game again. So I was wondering if anybody still play play this.. And to add me on xbox. any old or new players. I'm pretty sure what the game being released for free that people looking for a vice would visit the site and I think they have so I'll give my information below and add me :)

TF Cubed
Xbox GT ^
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