Looking for a motorcycle, what should I look for?


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Oct 29, 2000
I am thinking about getting a used motorcycle to drive back and forth to work on the non-raining days to save on gas and insurance costs. Unfortunately I have never purchased or even drove a motorcycle before. I was looking into getting a crotch-rocket type and I am asking for any input that is helpful (so that means not stuff like Harley rules and don't get a rice burner). Keep in mind that I am:
1. A Beginner
2. A big guy, 6'2" and 280 lbs....not all gut :) but I am catching up to Lefty
3. Not wanting to spend too much....I will want a used bike with a good price tag and decent power (Middle ground is the idea).

What brands/models are good starters?
What engine size?
What accessories will I need? Helmet and other protective items, etc..
Does anyone know the laws of Pennsylvania when it comes to motorcycles and what I need to do?
Anything else I haven't listed.

Oh, and a premptive thanks. :D
i think you should be carefull if you are looking for a crotch-rocket as a beginner. you will problary fall sooner or later and after that you might be to scared to ride again.

however, maybe a honda cbr600 or a ducati 748 if they´re not to small for your body size, and a ducati is not to recommend if your going for long trips.

when you are buying accessories, have in mind that it´s likely that you will fall. i´m not kidding.
I just saw a nice Honda Something RF2 in the paper. Only 2800 but it is an older year. Looks nice though. :)
If you want the crotch rocket type: Yamaha YZF R6. I was ridin' one a few weeks ago. It's nice and powerfull, but easy handlin'. And all the ladies took a nice long look.;)

And oh yeah, wear a helmet.
Personally, I'd say you're better off going with one of those versions that has four wheels and surrounds you with metal. :D

I rode a motorcycle....once. From Texas to California.....well, almost to California :cry:

It was an emergency and I had to jet.... and I refused to be deterred by the fact that I had never actually ridden one and went for it!

Long story short, I eventually made it to California, even if the bike didn't. ;)
Hope I'm not too late...

PaleHorse, I always kind of liked you. I'll be sad when you're gone. :cry:

This is incredibly painful to do, but I'm going to have to agree with VooD...@$^#$$! Arrrrgghhh! The Pain!!!

ooAce. #%^@#%^#! Aieee!! Oh God, make it stop, make it stop!!

Seriously man, be CAREFUL, and WEAR a helmet. You might want to buy yourself some nice bullet-proof cloth to make leggings of and a leather jacket. I recommened knee and elbow padding as well. And prayer, lots of prayer.
Thanks. Plans for the motorcycle have been put off. I found a nice looking on also.
What you should look for?

Should have a coupla wheels, be fairly thin, but not covered. Should have a seat, an engine and handlebars and some complicated technical stuff.

THat about covers it

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