LOTR Wallpaper


Can I Kick It?
Jan 3, 2001
Cruisin' about today, I found some meager screen shots from Lord of The Rings on another site and thought they'd make some nice wallpapers. I've only got one prepared so far but as I finish up the rest I'll post up here too.

Here's number one for ya'

The Balrog

I only prepared it in 1024x768 so if you'd like me too, I'm sure I can prepare different formats.
It looks...red. ;) But very nice. Only I already got some nice wallpapers, so I don't really need a new one. I'm currently switching between Civ3 full built palaces. :D
I am honoured Blue Monday..... :D
Originally posted by The Balrog
I am honoured Blue Monday....

I have three other gentlemen to meet you Mr Balrog: Glofindal of the Golden Flower, Ecthelion of the Tower, and Olorin.
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