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[Fciv] LT81 - Next Freeciv Longturn game set to start in 5 days (or so)


Nov 18, 2017
The next installation of Longturn series set to start in 5 days (although delays are possible due to testing and weeding out the last glitches). Longturn is a Freeciv sub-community running one-turn-per-day games. Usually the number of players is 10-30 and the games last up to 4 months.

More detailed Intro to Longturn (*click*).

In order to play, you must sign in AND CONFIRM before the game starts! Signing up late puts you in a row to take over possible idlers.

Official game page (info and signups) is here: https://longturn.net/game/LT81/

In order to play, you must download the Fc21 client. You don't need admin privileges on your computer and it's semi-portable. The latest stable version is here:


For any questions and clarifications, feel free to ask here or our Discord server at https://discord.gg/SpWeujW
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