Make Map Bigger


Aug 11, 2007

Is there a way to zoom in or make the map in the bottom right corner bigger to view?

Thank you,
Nope, it only gets bigger the further afield you travel.
I sometimes use the 'F5' key (the one that shows you your armies on the map). It's larger than the little map in the corner.

Me too. I'm always switching to that map to get a better look at things. I hope in future versions there is a map to zoom in on with details. When the game gets big, and I play someone other than an American, then I have trouble finding my cities and matching the names.

Thank you,
Did you know you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom out on the main map? You can see a lot more of the map that way, even to the point of seeing the whole globe. You can also click the "globe view" button, just above the small map in the corner to bring up the whole world. Then you can scroll left or right to see the other side of the globe.
Personally, I always scroll out a little on the main map, so I can see more squares during the game, and often scroll out quite far when I am planning where to send my next settler.
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