[C3C] Map Editor


Jul 10, 2006
Chicago area in Illinois
I have been playing around with a couple of editors for a science-fiction roleplaying game that I am also working on, but while they are online, so I do not need to worry if I am on a Mac or a Windows platform, they just do not produce the results that I want. For one, I really have no way of editing them once created. For another, they do produce some very strange results. As a result, I have re-discovered the utility of the Civilizations 3 Map Editors. Right now, the Mac that I use Quintillus' excellent map editor is down, and the newer Macs will not run Civ3. Major Bummer. As a result, I am using a Windows laptop for my work on designing planet surfaces. The Civ3 editor does all that I want of it, and also allows me far more freedom to edit the map and locate resources. As a consequence, I am liking the Civ3 Map Editor more and more, and not kust for Civ3.
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