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    Some time ago, I created a tutorial called How to Convert a Civ 4 Mapscript to Civ 4 Col, and then released a conversion of Oasis.py as NorthAfrica.py". I later released another conversion, of Custom_Continents.py as Continents.py. So this is the third mapscript I've converted from Civ 4, and this is a conversion of "Ice_Age.py"- I took out the underscore from the name.

    This mapscript has "lower" snow and tundra, and more water ice in the polar regions. I have actually made the map have more ice, snow, and tundra than the Civ 4 equivalent. The rest of the map has nearly no desert. The mapscript also can create four different landmass types- a large continent, narrow continents, islands, and smaller islands.

    You should be able to use this mapscript with any mod.

    Download here


    1. Unzip the files (a python file and a readme) to a temporary directory.

    2. Copy the IceAge.py file into your Colonization/PublicMaps directory.



    -Bob Thomas for making Ice_Age.py
    -Firaxis for making Civ 4


    There are four screenshots on the download page, of the different types of landmasses- large continent, narrow continents, islands, and small islands.

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