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  • Yo! I was hoping you could help me figure out something about action buttons with the FFP mod. Maybe you could read my forum posts and steer me in the right direction? Thanks. :)

    Action Buttons

    FFP Modding
    Would it be easier without changing the plot?Just a feature that can randomly spawn somewhere,move around,(may destory improvements:D ) ,and die after some turns.
    I`m thinking of a heavy storm,so the plot can stay the same as before
    Hello TC01.I got a question to your blizzard modcomp.It is possible to add this modcomp to a normal bts-mod(not FfH Age of Ice or FF)?Tried it by my self but I don`t know anything about Phyton...:(
    Hello TC01! I saw you're a great Civ4Col Modder. I need help. How can I add a new unit? I tried everything to add a sepoy unit to my mod, but it isn't work. :sad:
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