Mapscripts with consistently good land?


Jan 14, 2018
Perhaps an odd question, but a consistent annoyance I have with Civ 4 is that sometimes you're just dealt a poor hand by the mapgen. No food resources for miles outside of your capital's BFC, plains cow capital, you get the idea. Now, it's valid that the game sometimes throws these sorts of starts at you and it's a legitimate skill to learn to navigate them. However, I just *don't* like these maps, no matter how skill-testing it is. So, the question I pose to the community is: is there any mapscript/set of settings that gives consistently great land? I'm fine with the AIs getting the great land too obviously, it's just that I have a deep, irrational hatred of needing to work riverside farms as my only food source. :)
Maybe if you could tell us in what map scripts options you got those no food resources for miles out of capital's big fat cross I could understand more. Overall Balanced is my favorite non custom map script and always give good starts, however your issue sounds like it has nothing to do with instant capitals but no good room to expand for second third core cities in surroundings.
Torusland gives consistently lush land, at the cost of having to choose the settings yourself.
Highly recommend this versatile mapscript for your purposes:
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