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    1. PPQ_Purple
    2. Darkator
      1. PPQ_Purple
        I look at every thread posted in this section. Especially people asking for help. If a day has passed since you posted it I will have seen it. So I don't respond than that's because I have nothing to contribute.
        Feb 8, 2021
      2. Darkator
        Ok. I AM sorry for interrupted you
        Feb 8, 2021
    3. Darkator
      I have dealt with my problem, sorry to disturb you.
    4. Darkator
      1. PPQ_Purple
        I already looked at it previously but I've got nothing.
        Feb 7, 2021
    5. PPQ_Purple
      I was hoping there was something I could use with 3D max. I basically have zero knowledge or experience with any other modeling tool.
    6. Sword_Of_Geddon
      I answered your question in the thread on converting EU4 stuff.

      Apparently EU3 and EU4 can be converted using Blender.

      Here is another link you may find useful Purple:

    7. PPQ_Purple
      Orbiting the earth, hijacking satellites for access to the internet.
    8. PPQ_Purple
      Orbiting the earth, hijacking satellites for access to the internet.
    9. hbar
      It was a forum game based on a modified FfH universe. Each player chose a faction, and there were a set of rules regarding techs, units, resources, etc. Mostly, it was diplomacy and story driven (i.e. if you wanted to make up a really cool or powerful unit or ability, you had to write a short story about it). It was my first NES (never ending story) and I had a blast. Unfortunately, it died prematurely due to the moderator being deported (don't worry, he's in Canada now).

      If you want to know more about NES's, I'd recommend checking out the forum here. Also, I think Ekolite is running a NES loosely based on FfH here. If you want to join, I'd recommend reading the whole thread (at least the stories) to get a feel for the world and then PM Eko. Beware, though, it is a HUGE timesink.
    10. hbar
      EDIT - double post
    11. PPQ_Purple
      Just from a neutral point of view, witch ones do you prefer. The red ones or the black ones?
    12. Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf
      Even more cuter then usual bunnies. :)
    13. PPQ_Purple
      Thanks for that.
    14. nullspace
      My avatar is from Armageddon Empires, an indie TBS game. It's a 4X wargame in which all your assets are represented as a deck of cards, an my avatar is one of the bigger units belonging to the Machine Empire. This is the original version (it isn't much bigger): http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/5249/avataroriginal.png
    15. PPQ_Purple
      So it will work with normal marine kfm? Cool, thanks for the reply.
    16. Zerver
      No, it uses basic Marines animation. I have just enlarged the fire effect node in the nif
    17. PPQ_Purple
      Went inactive for a while due to colledge exams.
    18. My Pet Hamster
      My Pet Hamster
      What's up with the cube?:dunno:
      Don't tell me you're the same Purple I know...
    20. deadliver
      SOrry man, haven't had a chance cos I patched myself out of ff
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    The eldrich purple space cube is an object of ancient technology, or perhaps magic. More ancient than time it self, it exists in dimensions unfathomable to the human mind and unmeasurable by human tools.
    Living inside the cube, or perhaps a manifestation of it, is the keeper. A being of many forms he quietly observes the cosmos for reasons unknown.

    At this point in time the cube is located in orbit over a small mostly oceanic planet, orbiting around a meaningless yellow star, whose mostly hairless inhabitants have caught the keepers interest with their odd propensity for producing comedic still pictures and video recording of a species commonly referred to as "cats".


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