Mech's O Potamia and Colonies


Scion Doomgiver
Dec 10, 2001
Running the Mech's mod (much <3 for this mod), and while I generally like to conquer everything and have my empire sprawl the globe, the whole ranged maintenance just irritates me too much.

So I figured I'd have a play with colonies, however when I hit Alt+f1 and select the group of cities I want to split off, it doesn't seem to do anything.

I'm playing an 18 civilization game, have already destroyed two on my homeland and just butchered a third, however I'm not seeing anything go away from my control :\
Do you have the No Vassals option on? If you don't, I think I remember that in the huge list of fixes for the next patch it lists something about trying to create a colony and nothing happening, so sometime next week it should be fixed.
Pretty sure I don't, but boy do I feel like a twit if I have.
Have you ever been able to create colonies when you started a game with 18 civs? The destroyed civs aren't gone completely, their data is still in the game. Perhaps the game simply isn't able to reuse the slot of a destroyed civ.
Without a modified .dll, you can't make colonies if you start an 18 player game.
That'd be it then Spear.

That's annoying :undecide:
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