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  • You hear news that France plans to relocate the Natives of New France to Michigan, Florida, or the Rocky Mountains. Sentiment in the area is very racist towards Natives after their raids a decade before and the tens of thousands killed. There is no news coverage about this, as news focus is on French Guiyana and the Catholic resistance. You have options:

    A) Become a vigilante and fight off French troops that are assigned to remove the Natives
    B) Bring some Natives with you to a safer French colony
    C) Join local politics and try to gain influence
    D) The Natives are not your concern. Continue living in the wilderness and wait for another opportunity.
    or F) The Natives are not your concern. Attempt to make a large profit by sailing to Thailand to help against the guerrilla fighters there.
    oh yea i'll be sure to get a few photos of the band. this is also going to be a pretty small venue so it's gonna rockkkk
    That's good to hear. I'm not sure if it will reach that point, though. I think Russia might be on the defensive.
    How do you even know in ingame terms about the existence of the Mun Confederacy? Even Armorica technically does not know about it past rumours.
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