[Mod] AGs Balance Mod


Aug 24, 2018
This is a simple balance mod that is largely tweaking some values. The goal is to buff aspects of the game that needs some love while nerfing aspects that are too strong (or those I perceive as too strong). Please note that these changes are subjective so they aren't necessarily for everyone. Changes will be added or removed as new patches come out.

I am also open to feedback and suggestion so feel free to let me know your thoughts.

Spoiler Mod Install :


Spoiler Changes and Reasoning for Changes :

Spoiler Improvement Changes :

Farms provide a lot of food with all the modifiders. Even with the recent addition of food consumption to units, a handful of farms with proper adjacencies can provide ample of food.
Lush: +20% (down from 40%)
+20% per Adjacent Pasture (down from 40%)
+40% per Adjacent Granary (down from 60%)

Market line deserves some love. Unsure if the modifier change is sufficient but this, along with another change, will hopefully make these improvements desirable at times.
Consumption: -1 Wood/Year (down from 2)
+50% Money (up from +20%)

Consumption: -2 Wood/Year (down from 3)
+75% Money (up from +30%)

Consumption: -3 Wood/Year (down from 4)
+100% Money (up from +50%)
+40% for Adjacent Harbor Class Improvements

Spoiler Trait Changes :

Robust is extremely powerful, especially when combined with Orator. Now, you will need developed Cities to get the most out of them.
As Governor: +0.5 Order/Year per Culture Level
As Leader: [All Cities] +0.5 Order/Year

Spoiler Unit Changes :

Entering mid to late game, money can stop being an issue. Experimenting with the similar idea of food, money has been added to mid to late game land units. This will hopefully add value to the Market line as well.
Consumes: -1 Food, -2 Money and -2 Wood.

Consumes: -1 Training, -3 Iron and -3 Money.

Camel Archer:
Consumes: -1 Training, -4 Food and -4 Money.

Consumes: -2 Training, -6 Food and -6 Money.

Consumes: -1 Training, -1 Food, -3 Money and -3 Wood.

Horse Archer:
Consumes: -1 Training, -4 Food and -4 Money.

Consumes: -1 Training, -5 Food and -5 Money.

Consumes: -1 Training, -1 Food, -3 Money and -3 Wood.

Consumes: -1 Training, -1 Food, -3 Money and -3 Iron.

Consumes: -2 Training, -4 Money and -4 Stone.

Consumes: -1 Training, -3 Stone and -3 Money.

Consumes: -1 Training, -1 Food, -3 Money and -3 Iron.

Consumes: -2 Training, -4 Money and -4 Iron.

Consumes: -2 Training, -1 Food, -4 Money and -4 Iron.

War Elephant:
Consumes: -1 Training, -5 Food and -5 Money.

Spoiler Misc Changes :

Developing Culture is quite easy to get and the VP from culture really favors wide over tall (2 developing culture equates 1 legendary culture). This change will hopefully make tall playstyle on a more level playing field when it comes to VPs.
Weak Culture: 1 VP
Developing Culture: 1 VP
Strong Culture: 2 VP
Legendary Culture: 4 VP

Ambition victories tend to be faster than VP so an addition of 2 more can make the victory conditions more competitive.
You now need 12 Ambitions to win.

Encourage more harvesting, especially when Order is very limited.
Harvest provides 100% more Stone/Iron/Food/Money and 50% more Culture.

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