Mod enabled but faction doesn't show up


Feb 5, 2020
So I made this mod for the wheel of time, and it's going to have multiple factions. I just made my first faction and I wanted to test my mod. So I moved it to Documents/MyGames/Civilization 5/MODS, and it showed up in the game, so I enabled it only to test it.

It worked, showed the mod was enabled, etc. But when I tried to change to my modded faction, the faction just doesn't show up, no matter what I do. Any help? The files are below.

Anyone who can help is needed


  • The Wheel of Time.7z
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Ok I changed the UNIT_TYPE at the top for the Seanchan Deathwatch Guards from UNIT_JAPANESE_SAMURAI to UNIT_DEATHWATCH_GUARD. No change.
So I made some changes. Here is the current mod. Still doesn't work


  • The Wheel of Time.7z
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